GSC Inori Yuzuriha = Dynamism and Beauty

 ♪ so, everything that makes me whole
I offer it all to you.
I’m yours… ♫

Yes Inori, I’m yours… but your 1/8 GSC (Good Smile Company) fig is/will be mine… With the combination of dynamism and beauty, this fig is a sure hit… :)

This will be the first (first of many more large figs I guess…hello Alter?? hello Kotobukiya??) large fig of the main heroine of the anime’ Guilty Crown. Fig is based on the character design by redjuice. The innocent expression and slim sexy body of Inori were top notch and basically the posing of the figure makes her look like shes about to fly… :)

Even her sexy back is full of win, moreover the pic above shows the beautiful details of her outfit… :)

Definitely every guy would be happy to extract her void with that kind of grrrrrr…. if you guys know what I mean… hehehe :)

The Egoist singer/vocalist is still open for preorder for 7429 Yen (I’m guilty of preordering one LOL ) and will be released late September this year… :)


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