Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena, Gimme Some of your Cherries :P

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) a successful anime’ last year, summoned Kashiwazaki Sena to be the first model of Kotobukiya figure line…This blonde beauty with boombastic melons is certainly a figure lover magnet or should I say figure oppai lover magnet… :)

Sena is very sexy in her sitting pose… Sculpted based on the cover illustration of the original 6th volume of the manga.

This is 1/8 scale, not so much on accessories, only one basket of cherries and a butterfly that looks almost the same as her signature butterfly hair pin…

Back details, Pony tail?? hmmm I prefer her usual hair style (this is the reason why Im waiting for the GSC 1/7 version)… but Im loving the details of the sculpted skirt and the school uniform… :)

Basically another cool thing is the necktie part can be removed and you can display in her with or without the necktie. Now i’m having butterflies in the stomach… LOL :)

She can be yours for only ¥6800 and will be released late August this year… :)


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