When the BUNNIES are away: FREEing Ikaros and Astraea Bunny Version


Sora no Otoshimono fans will surely love these FREEing’s latest MASTERPIECES of PVC Category Figures. Ladies and gentlemen, your very own Strategic Battle-Class Angeloid, Type Alpha – Ikaros and Close Combat Angeloid, Type Delta – Astraea, wearing their bunny outfits! Real genius~


Now see our lovely Ikaros? By just looking at her angelic face; her hands joined together.. It sure feels like a miracle from the heavens~

The net tights are the real deal. The wings, her twin-tails with the red ribbon and that black usagi ears, the works.. Really tempting. (~*o*)~


So I heard you want more? Well lets see what Astraea has to say about that. The pose is surely alluring and c’mon, don’t you dare lie to me if you say that you didn’t even try to notice those melons over there. And of course, her outfit and design.. Really awesome~ You can simply just wish that you can have someone like these darlings even afterlife. <3

More info about the two figs? They are both 1/4 PVC Scale figures, though Astraea is a bit shorter because of her pose. Astraea is approximately 410 mm in height, while Ikaros is approximately 460mm. For the release dates, Ikaros will be released at 2012/08, then Astraea after a month (2012/09). Astraea costs a bit higher than Ikaros. Astraea can be yours for only 19800 yen, while Ikaros for only 17800 yen.

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