Meaty Review : GSC Nendoroid #199 Kashiwazaki Sena


Hello again blog readers! It’s been a while since my last post. I was busy with school works as usual.

Now I’m back with a Nendoroid I just aquired today. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’s Kashiwazaki Sena.

She was released last March at the SRP of 3,333 Japanese Yen (the usual price for nendoroids).


Here we have the contents of the box. Sena is really jam packed with accessories. GSC has been very generous with their recent releases which is a good thing for nendoroid collectors.


Here is the base. I like how they’ve been using this type of base for their new releases. The peg makes the figure more secure unlike the crappy base they gave Date Masamune on his 1st release.



Now on to the figure itself. As always GSC did an awesome job on Sena’s paint job. Even the body is accurate *ifyouknowwhatimean*.


Here is Sena’s trademark butterfly hairpin. Its made with clear plastic which looks nice as well.



You can also remove the butterfly.I don’t recommend it because it’s fragile. I only removed it for the purpose of this review.


Sena comes with 3 face plates ,3 pairs of legs and 11!! YES 11 Arms which is very generous in GSC’s part.

Now I’ll show Sena’s Different poses and faces as well :)


This is Sena’s pose in the cover of the Manga Vol. 2


Typical tsundere pose with the scowling look and folded arms




She’s crying because she died in Monster Hunter.


And my personal favorite her starry eyes face plate which is a little similar to Kirino’s kyaaa~ face plate

Now I’ll show the different accessories she has


Here’s a simple couch and the connectors for the couch that Yozora has. (Yozora sold separately)


Putting the two couches together is an easy task just remove the two handles and put the connector between the two holes of the couches.


Then place the holder under the two couches to make it stable


TADAAA!! The couch from the neighbors club!


One of the reasons why I bought this. The PS3 accessory its complete with a controller, a LED TV and even a TV Stand.


Oh yeah the PS3 also fits perfectly in the TV stand as well. Sweet…..


The controller is very detailed they even molded the buttons.But there are no colors for the buttons.

Thats almost everything Sena has to offer now for some shots with her accessories and other nendoroids



She got the part where everyone dies :'(


MH mode with Yozora


And of course Yozora kills Sena


Eroge Time >:)

Final Thoughs:
This nendoroid just became one of my personal favorites. Everything is awesome from the abundance of extra parts and accessories and even the price tag. (got it for 2,300 pesos. thanks CWT!)  I recommend this nendoroid even if you haven’t watched the series yet. this figure is definitely a bang for your buck. I think great toys online still has this in stock ;).

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