11th Philippine ToyCon

A rather short coverage of TOC’s display during the 11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention.

Moe-blob HSP Miku

Taiga-chan with the killer “twintail-pettanko-in-China-dress” combo XD

EEEEXXCAAAALLIIIIBUUUURR! ! Which reminds me, haven’t watched last week’s Fate/Zero Episode

4channer lab assistant looking rather elegant.

Alter’s majestic rendition of Persona 3’s Aegis.

Millhihore-chan’s nendoroid and scale figure.


Favorite puella magi. Hope they release a “Moemura” soon ^^

First time seeing the very rare Uplark Kamina

Putting aside the awkward pantsu-flash of the figure, Kan’u has to be my favorite oppai character.

Axe-wielding loli Ymir

Sumomo-tan~ Notice the Azone Marisa in the background.

Note: Images are taken from Otasensei


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