Max Factory 1/7 Samurai (Student Style)

Max Factory 1/7 Samurai (Student Style)
7th Dragon 2020
October 2012

New and unexpected figure announcement from Max Factory! I didn’t know that this game 7th Dragon 2020 exists prior to the figure announcement, but as a huge Miwa Shirow fan this announcement really shook me. Unfortunately, I am bothered by her high price, long neck and weird knee caps. I may pass on this one, but I’ll excitedly check her out in person  if ever one of my mates will buy her.

Pre-orders are now open!


One thought on “Max Factory 1/7 Samurai (Student Style)

  1. [A game that I really want to play, I’ve only watched gameplay vids because it’s (JAP) language and text. added this fig to my wishlist XD me likey this and jelly to those who will buy this.]

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