Final Display Line up + Reminders for Ingress (Otaku Expo Reloaded 2012)


For all Team Onii-chan members, figure lenders and those who will be guarding the display, here are some reminders to take note of. This primarily concerns the ingress and egress schedules, duties and conduct in the display area.

Display Line Up:

As much as we want to accommodate everyone who are willing to lend their figures, we only have limited space for this event. With this, the final lineup is posted here.


1. Ingress will be on August 3, 2012 from 6pm to 8:30 pm at the SM Megatrade Hall.

Once you arrive at the event area, please immediately look for Onii-chan or scary.chii and sign on our records. This will help us take note of the figures you’ve brought for the display. For new lenders: please text us at 09174777595 once you’ve arrived at the venue so we can meet up with you .

2. For those who can bring risers (acrylic preferably), please do bring them to the ingress so we can prepare them inside the cabs immediately.


1. Please take care of your belongings. Team Onii-chan will not be responsible for any losses due to carelessness (such as leaving any expensive items unattended to). Your PSPs, DSLRs and such items are your responsibility. If you lose them because you left them somewhere, do not fault us for it.

2. Do not bring food inside the event hall.

3. Always keep a friendly disposition. Do not incite fights with your fellow members or with the public. There may be times when the crowds are a bit rowdy so we ask for your patience in dealing with them.

4. We only have 6 IDs given out by the Ozine Management which will be used by the admins and few volunteers who will guard the display area. As a result, you will be required to purchase tickets to be able to enter the event area.


1. Egress will start at 7:30 pm of August 5. If you absolutely need to leave earlier than that, please inform any of the Team Onii-chan admins (Onii-chan, scary.chii, kettenkrad or Murakami Night) before doing so.

2. You can leave your boxes at the display area but please be mindful that space is quite limited at the display area. Keep them as organized as possible

We hope to see you there! :)


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