Volunteer Your Figures For Otaku Expo 2013


Hey Everyone! We are happy to announce that we, at Team Onii-chan, will be having our very first figure display for 2013! We are getting ready to showcase some of the latest releases so, do look forward to it! As the usual routine, we already have an initial list of figures from within our group; but as we have always done, we’re now opening the lending of figures to everyone! Any volunteers would be greatly appreciated as it wouldn’t only help us in making a bigger and better display but it also gives us an opportunity to make new friends and also have you guys help in promoting the love for this wonderful hobby. As this will be our very first display for the year, we hope to make it a blast with everyone of you!

We’re opening the slots to everyone who wish to lend their figures. To lend, just comment on this post below with your name (can be real or an alias), contact information (preferably Facebook profile link) and the figure that you will be lending. Please state the manufacturer and the toy line which the figure is from.


  • Only authentic/original figures will be allowed. The display will be an open display. There will only be tables and no glass cabinets.
  • Slots are not limited. More will be added as needed.
  • Figures marked with (*) are still tentative.

We hope you can join us this January 26 to 27 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 for the Otaku Expo 2013! See you there :D

Scaled Figures:

  1. 1/8 Alpha Max Sena Kashiwazaki Swimsuit
  2. 1/8 Max Factory Haruhi Suzumiya
  3. 1/8 Max Factory Yuki Nagato
  4. 1/8 Max Factory Mikuru Asahina
  5. Master Stars Piece Kotetsu Kaburagi
  6. Taito Sigui
  7. Wave BQ Saber Alter
  8. Wave BQ Konata Izumi
  9. GSC Godoka [Fresh From the Box]
  10. GSC Inori Yuzuriha
  11. Gift 1/4 Nanoha Takamachi
  12. Megahouse Mikono Suzushiro
  13. Megahouse Kagura Demuri
  14. FREEing Saber Yukata Ver.
  15. Wave BQ Saber Lily
  16. 1/8 Megahouse Sougo Okita
  17. 1/8 Alter Milla Maxwell
  18. 1/7 Kotobukiya Charlotte Dunois Bunny
  19. 1/8 Alter Momohime
  20. 1/8 Megahouse Katsura
  21. 1/8 Megahouse Elizabeth
  22. 1/8 Phat Rorona
  23. 1/8 Megahouse Yu Narukami

Articulated Figures:

  1. Nendo Petit Lucky Star Onenga set
  2. Phat Company Sanya Eila Set
  3. Linkin Park Petit Set
  4. Nendoroid Louise
  5. Nendoroid Nagi
  6. Nendoroid Taiga
  7. Nendoroid Miu
  8. Nendoroid Yamada


  1. Figma Chie Satonaka
  2. Figma Yukiko Amagi
  3. Figma Link
  4. Figma Konata Izumi
  5. Figma Miyuki Takara
  6. Figma Tsukasa Hiiragi
  7. Figma Kagami Hiiragi
  8. AGP Erica Hartmann
  9. AGP Yoshika Miyafuji
  10. AGP Mio Sakamoto

16 thoughts on “Volunteer Your Figures For Otaku Expo 2013

  1. Sorry for the late posting of additional figurines!

    I’ll be volunteering three more figurines:

    Gintama Ichiban Kuji Class 3Z Chibi Kyun Chara Kagura + Stage Set
    Gintama Ichiban Kuji Class 3Z Chibi Kyun Chara Okita Sougo + Stage Set
    Gintama Ichiban Kuji Class 3Z Chibi Kyun Chara Hijikata Toushirou + Stage Set

  2. 1/6 Yamato (Creator’s Labo) Asuka Langley Souryuu
    1/6 Yamato (Creator’s Labo) Rei Ayanami
    1/8 Megahouse Ranka Lee (Nyan Nyan ver.)
    1/8 Megahouse Sheryl Nome (Last Frontier ver.)

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