A Review on 1/6 Plum Touwa Erio.

Reporting back from City of Auch, iLikeLolis reporting for duty. So let’s start the review! Today, we’ll be featuring my favorite Alien Loli Character(again), Touwa Erio. Manufactured by Plum and Sculpted by Knead K@Z, this is one of my favorite figs that was ever made. So on to the pictures!

The Front view of the box, looks good but it is much smaller than you think. :D

The Back view of the box. It has the picture of the Original Art/Concept of the figure.

Front view of the figure. The pose is kinda seducing, basically the motif of the figure itself was waking up early in the morning. In the anime, this was not shown(Yeah, I would love to see it animated). Overall, the figure was nicely done.

Side view of the fig.

Now on to the details.

I just really love how they painted this figure. It was very accurate even the nails are colored.

The pantsu was nicely done. It was wrinkled which it should be.

The hair itself is so outstanding. It has the same color tone with Beach Queen Erio has.

Overall, it as really nice fig especially when you really like Touwa Erio. For a price of 6800 Yen and 1/6 scale, I’d say the price is good enough. If you are making a shrine, you probably want this to be included since it is the biggest among them.


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