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Onegai Onii-chan x Otakuzine Nendoroid Design Art Contest!

Repost from Onegai Onii-chan Hobby Shop website.

Hi everyone!

With the Christmas season already upon us, it means that the biggest anime figure event in the Philippines is coming soon as well. This December 28-29 at SM Megamall, Otakuzine Anime Magazine will be holding Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2012!  Like the name implies, the entire event will be dedicated to anime figures and of course, Onegai Onii-chan will be there to support it.

To celebrate the event, we have partnered with Otakuzine management to bring you an exciting Nendoroid art design contest where you can win some cool prizes. Have you ever dreamed of being a Nendoroid designer? Or do you have an existing idea in mind that you wish to share with others? Well, here’s your chance to show off your skills and win some great prizes along the way.

Here’s a sample entry to serve as a guide:

Note: RinLin is the official Onegai Onii-chan mascot. Art courtesy of Cza. 

To know more about joining the contest and other important matters regarding it, please take your time to read the Rules and Mechanics below:

  • This contest is open to everyone currently residing in the Philippines, except staff of Otakuzine Anime Magazine and administrators of Onegai Onii-chan Hobby Shop. Only 1 entry per person is allowed.
  • Draw your own original Nendoroid and create a Nendoroid that you can call truly yours’! The Nendoroid can be your original character or it may also be an existing character that has or does not have an existing Nendoroid. However, should that be the case, your drawing must be significantly different from the existing product (new form, outfit, pose, etc).
  • Entry must be your own drawing. In the event that we prove that your artwork is stolen from an existing art or artist, we will immediately disqualify your entry. However, pose references from other existing artworks are acceptable.
  • Artwork must be in Nendoroid style only. For Nendoroid body reference, please check their official website: [LINK]
  • There should be 4 angles of the character drawn (front, back, left side, right side). Main angle of your choice must be in full color. Other angles can be a black & white sketch or colored.
  • You may include additional angle/pose if you want to show off the accessories and props that are included with your Nendoroid (e.g. Shana posing with her katana). Additional expressions face plates are also appreciated.
  • Entries can either be traditional or digital artwork on A4 paper size (105 x 148 mm) 300 dpi, and JPG format. Traditional works must be scanned accordingly for submission.
  • Entries must be submitted to (onegaioniichancontest@gmail.com) with the e-mail title of “Nendoroid Contest” on or before December 21, 2012. Please include your Name (real name only), home address, personal Facebook account link and character name. All artworks will be posted on a dedicated album in Onegai Onii-chan’s Facebook fan page with watermark.
  • The “Top 15” entries will be announced on December 24, 2012 and all qualifying contestants are required submit a printed copy of their artwork on A4 photo paper to Team Onii-chan Figure Display booth to be displayed on the event.
  • Deadline of submission of hard copy entries on the event is December 28 at 3pm. Failure of doing so will result to disqualification of entry.

You may also use refer to the link for submission form: [LINK]

For the GRAND PRIZE winner, he or she will be receiving a brand new Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal from the anime, “Mawaru Penguindrum”!

Our grand prize will be shipped this week (11/16) from Japan.  In the event that the package will not arrive before the Ozine event, the winner will be given an option to chose to wait for the Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal to arrive or to claim our on-hand Nendoroid Akemi Homura.

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen those pencils, bring out those drawing tablets and put that creative mind of yours’ to work and show the world your very own Nendoroid creation. Who knows? You might be that lucky winner of a brand new Nendoroid. Good luck and we wish you all the best!

GSC Nendoroid Irine Colored Preview!

Here’s a good news to all Dragon Nest players who are willing to spend their money (on top of their monthly in-game cash points) for a collectible so damn worthy of purchase! Check out this very cute and lovely Nendoroid Irine by Good Smile Company!~

She’s not a game character but only an NPC. If you haven’t played the game, don’t look down on her just yet. She could be the game’s most popular mascot (aside from scumbag Berlin) and for the newbie players, as soon you’re inside the game, go meet her immediately. Her “bear” may inspire you to play more in one way or another.

Hehe :”>

Pre-orders are not open yet but the retail price was announced for Y3500.

Source: [LINK]

Nendoroid Spider-Man Now Open for Pre-orders!

Out of all the popular anime shows out there, it’s surprising that the latest Nendoroid figure from GSC is not from any 2D titles, but from the American movie “The Amazing Spider Man” featuring none other than the lead super hero himself, Spider Man (who else could it be?). I’m not really a fan of super heroes or nendoroids, but one thing that I can say about this figure is that it has a really nice overall texture and a very cute diorama. They did especially well with his eyes and the black lining of his tight outfit. He’s also part of the Super Movable nendoroid series, so wouldn’t have any worries on breaking joints for more flexible poses. If you’re a big fan of the series, this is surely a great collectible for you!

Pre-orders are now open! [LINK]

MegaHouse 1/8 Okumura Rin and Yukio Colored Preview!

MegaHouse 1/8 Rin and Okumura was announced last year and it was only a few days ago that a photo taken from Hobby Japan’s page has circulated, featuring the colored version of the said figures. As usual, it has the sleek color finish that MegaHouse is known for. Overall, another great set of male figures from MegaHouse!

GSC 1/8 Ryogi Shiki Garannodou Re-release!

GSC 1/8 Shiki Ryogi Garannodou
Kara no Kyoukai
Nov 2008 / Nov 2012

Based from the GSC re-sale poll, she ranked as the top 2 most wanted figure among hundreds of other scaled figures for re-sale. In fact, she’s so rare and popular that the market price for the 1st release figure is now as high as Y16,000 which is a value not so surprising for a very simplistic yet magnificent and elegant figure. Lucky for the collectors who wish to have her, she’s now available again for pre-order with a retail price of only Y6190. Don’t miss your second (and probably the last) chance to grab her!

Pre-orders are now open! (For PH market only): [LINK]

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013 Design Contest Winning Entry Announced!

The winning entry for the Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013 design contest has finally been revealed. The theme is that it has to be related to Snow Miku and a bunch of pastries. Over the hundreds of submitted entries that featured generic foreign cakes and desserts, the winning design resembles a traditional Japanese snack, the strawberry mochi. As you can see, she’s also adorned with traditional Japanese clothing and accessories. A very deserving winner, indeed!

She’ll be for sale by 2013 (obviously) as a limited and exclusive nendoroid. Ready your money, folks!

GSC Nendoroid Insane Black★Rock Shooter

GSC Nendoroid Insane Black★Rock Shooter
Black★Rock Shooter
July 2012 / Nov 2012

OMGBBQ INSANE BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER NENDOROID, NOBODY EXPECTED THIS! Yeah right. Of course everyone expected this Nendoroid already after they have sold the figma Insane Black★Rock Shooter that was exclusively bundled with the B★RS Anime BD/DVD (buttload expensive btw). To keep the milking process of this franchise uniform, Nendoroid iB★RS will also be sold as an exclusive + limited item. Figures.

Pre-orders are now open!

Max Factory 1/7 Samurai (Student Style)

Max Factory 1/7 Samurai (Student Style)
7th Dragon 2020
October 2012

New and unexpected figure announcement from Max Factory! I didn’t know that this game 7th Dragon 2020 exists prior to the figure announcement, but as a huge Miwa Shirow fan this announcement really shook me. Unfortunately, I am bothered by her high price, long neck and weird knee caps. I may pass on this one, but I’ll excitedly check her out in person  if ever one of my mates will buy her.

Pre-orders are now open!

TOC at Umagang Kay Ganda!


Hi everyone. With Toycon less than a week away, promotions for the event are in high gear and this coming Wednesday, Team Onii-chan, along with other toy groups, will be a guest appearance on ABS-CBN’s early morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda! We will be bringing some figures with us to the show and hopefully, talk a bit about our growing hobby. We hope you can all tune in and watch us ^^

GSC Nendoroid Kuroyukihime, Open for Pre-order!

Accel World is definitely one of the most popular anime title this season. With only about 7 episodes as of date, toy manufactures have already announced and released different merchandise from the title. Kuroyukihime, the petanko leading lady of the series has garnered quite a following already and Good Smile Company plans to take advantage of this by announcing pre-orders of a Nendoroid version of her. Continue reading

Super Hot Alter 1/8 Shizuo Now Open for Pre-orders!

I don’t always stop playing Dragon Nest just to post on this blog. But when I do, I fangirl on a PVC scale figure boy and this one sure is worth it. Although Durarara! has already ended long ago, it didn’t stop Alter from producing large scale figures of the 3 most prominent characters of the series, and fangirls (and fanboys) are so happy that one of them is the “peace-loving” Heiwajima Shizuo~ Continue reading

Mikatan Previews Nendoroid Snow Miku Fluffy Coat Ver.!


The much-awaited (then again ALL Miku figures are anticipated anyway) latest lump-of-cuteness figure from GSC has finally been previewed courtesy of Mikatan’s Blog, Nendoroid Snow Miku: Fluffy Coat version! Continue reading

Hobby Japan x Kotobukiya 1/8 Hinanai Tenshi!

Touhou fans will be delighted as Hobby Japan x Kotobukiya revealed the latest character in their splendid line-up of Touhou figures (except Marisa, lol) who is none other than the spoiled-brat young mistress of Bhavagra, Hinanai TenshiContinue reading

Excessively Busty Seikon no Quaser II Tomo Yamanobe Figure Up For Grabs!

For the benefit of keeping this blog “General” rated, I will no longer explain what Seikon no Quaser is and advice that you rather check out the “milky” yourself. Of course, the featured figure itself is already self-explanatory based on the title’s uniquely played plot. With A+ deciding to scale this figure at 1/4.5, I’m pretty sure you’ll get your hands full of its bouncy goodness :D Continue reading

Togainu no Chi Kotobukiya 1/8 Shiki and Akira Ready to Conquer the Fangirls

After more than a month of waiting, drooling fangirls *ahem* can now feast their eyes on the latest update from the Kotobukiya x Nitro+ joint project as they’ve announced the most awaited male figures of 2012, lovely couple Shiki and Akira from the infamous BL game Togainu no Chi. You may want to check out the rest of the entry so you can view the other photos and info about the release, or simply stay on the front page so you can stare at Akira’s buttcrack over there. Your call, fangirl!
Continue reading

GSC 1/8 Oshino Shinobu Loli-Moefied to the Fullest!

The 6th figure from GSC’s Bakemonogatari lineup has finally been unveiled and is scheduled for pre-orders tomorrow! Loli vampire and aid pantsu user Oshino Shinobu is the last female Bakemonogatari character in line for a figure release, and she probably encompasses the saying “Save the best for last!”. Continue reading

GSC 1/8 Akemi Homura Sneak Peak!

 Possibly the most popular and sought after of them soon-to-be-witches Magical Girls, Good Smile Company has finally shown the colored prototype of Akemi Homura’s 1/8 scale figure after they have just recently opened pre-orders GSC 1/8 Kaname Madoka making this badass time traveler as the second Puella Magi scale figure in the line-up. Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! at The Best of Anime 2011 Ingress!

Tomorrow is the big day and Team Onii-chan! has started preparing for it just a while ago. Of course, when you have a cast as crazy and diverse as this, wackiness ensues. Continue reading

Max Factory 1/7 Sexy Catherine Figure Will Leave You Sleepless

(Long time no post, lol)
After the very successful release of ATLUS game Catherine not just in Japan but also overseas, Max Factory deemed it fit to make a follow up figure of the title character to further inspire the fans of Catherine to indulge in more sleepless nights and awkward sheep-ly puzzle fun, in 2D or 3D! Continue reading

Team Onii-chan’s Next Figure Display Event


Because Team Onii-chan! is a busy body both online and IRL, we’ll soon be announcing our next display event, which will happen very soon. Figure lenders, display crew and group supporters, please stay tuned!

Excessively Cute Futon-Wrapped Nendoroid Erio Towa Now On Sale!

Erio Towa from the anime, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, has become a target of anime figure companies to milk on recently and GSC is not one to be left behind in joining the bandwagon. As a matter of fact, GSC Mikatan just posted a Nendoroid preview of our blue-haired, futton-wrapped and self-proclaimed terrestrial being on her blog and is now on sale in various figure web stores.  Continue reading

Celebrate Miku’s Birthday with a (Love is War) Y14k Figure!

Good Troll Smile Company 1/8 Miku Love is War Ver., ranked as one of the most wished anime figures in Tsuki Board Community is finally announced over at Mikatan’s Blog today. However, after a year long wait for the final announcement, fans are gravely enraged over the fact that the drop-dead gorgeous and holy grail-worthy figure is priced at a whopping Y14000 and is a GSC Online Shop Exclusive. Is she worth it? Read on to find out. Continue reading

GSC BLK Now Open for Pre-orders!

The much awaited huke artbook is now open for pre-orders as announced from Mikatan’s previous postContinue reading

Pre-orders Are Now Open For Griffon Enterprises 1/8 Hinanai Tenshi!

Thoughtless Not-so-Thoughtless Daughter of the Boring Bhavagra, Hinanai Tenshi, is finally receiving the spotlight from Griffon Enterprises as their latest Touhou Project figure release after they showed her eagerly awaited prototype not more than 3 weeks ago.  Continue reading