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AGP Laura Bodewig Ready for Launch

The flag of Germany flies in the sky as Laura Bodewig from the mecha-musume anime “Infinite Stratos” sorties out in her Schwarzer Regen courtesy of Bandai with their Armor Girl Project [AGP] line.

Laura’s Schwarzer Regen is definitely bringing the heat with her railgun making her a formidable opponent at long ranged. Even if the opponent gets close to her, she can still deal her opponents with her beam sabers/spears generated through her hands. With the revelation of this, you can expect the others to follow suit.


Laura Bodewig in her Schwarzer Regen will be available by August of 2012 with the cost 7800 yen.


Tachibana Hibiki… Ready for Pre-Order

Figures of Tachibana Hibiki the heroine from the anime “Senki Zesshou Symphogear” are ready for Pre-Order.

figma Tachibana Hibiki is ready to sing and fight to protect with all her might.

Nendoroid Tachibana Hibiki is fighting the Noise and wielding the powerful relic Durandal.

Both figma and Nendoroid of Tachibana Hibiki will be released at September 2012 at the price of 3500 each.

Figma Sanya V. Litvyak

The figma of your favorite silent Orussia Night Witch Sanya V. Litvyak is ready for pre-order tomorrow! And she’s cute.

With the price of 3500 yen and her release set for July 2012… Better ready your cash reserves for this figma if this figma is in your interest.

Nendoroid Popura is Cute and Perfect for Her Size

More figures are being shown in the coming of holiday season and it’s time to show a very cute Nendoroid of the “small” reliable waitress Taneshima Popura from the anime which is set in a family restaurant “WORKING!!”.
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Infinite Stratos First Launches with Cecilia Alcott

Bandai who just had their Tamashii Nation 2011 Event showed us many things that made us jelly. And one of them is from the Mecha-Musume Anime Infinite Stratos, and they first launch out Cecilia Alcott in her IS Blue Tears. Continue reading

figma Uesugi Kenshin is a beautiful Swordswoman

Wow… so much revelations in such a short amount of time and things fall apart that showing more new revealed stuff is quite quick. A new figure to enter the firing line. It’s ze strongest samurai swordswoman in Japan from the PC Game Sengoku Rance, Uesugi Kenshin to enter the figma line. Continue reading

BQ Double IS Previews – Britain VS France

More and more Figures are coming to light and showing some colored previews. Now after the main girl was shown, it’s time to release two other girls from the Mecha Musume Anime Infinite Stratos to be included in WAVE’s Beach Queens line. It’s Britain’s Cecilia Alcott and France’s Charlotte Dunois. Continue reading

Revoltech Alucard Fixes Derp Face with Shades

Kaiyodo will release another Revoltech and it looks like, they’ll be releasing a crazy guns blazing Vampire from the anime Hellsing. And it’s none other than Alucard. Continue reading

Figma Saber Quite Ladylike and Still Powerful in a Tuxedo

Saber is another one of the most milked characters I know. And Max Factory is delivering another Saber in the perimeter of a Figma from the recent Fate anime showing this fall Fate/Zero. Continue reading

Cute Nendoroid Charlotte E Yeager Feeling Fast

More previews are showing and it’s time to show the preview of the speed freak witch from the mecha musume anime Strike Witches, Charlotte E Yeager AKA Shirley. Continue reading

Figma Miki Sayaka Slashes some more monies

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica products are being previewed. Now Max Factory shows us a new figma. This figma is none other than Miki Sayaka…. Sayawho? Continue reading

Nendoroid Ohana Matsumae is Cute and Has NSFW Features

… More Mikataness from Mikatan as it features another figure in the firing lines. This time its the main character from the peaceful anime Hanasaku Iroha, Ohana Matsumae.
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Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki is Arrogant and Cute

Mikatan… As usual will preview stuff and today previews the 2nd main from the “Friendly” anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Sena Kashiwazaki.
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Figma Nadeko… Plain, yet cute

A storm still passed us and another figure is showing up from the storm of previews this week. Now let’s take a look on the character from the anime Bakemonogatari, who is cursed by a snake. None other than Sengoku Nadeko. Continue reading

Figma Ika Musume Starts Her Invasion

With the second season of moe-gag squid anime “Shinryaku!? Ika Musume” up in full swing, Max Factory does more with the figma release of our favorite cephalopod overlord who came from the sea, Ika Musume. Continue reading

GSC Akemi Homura Will Shoot Your Savings Clean

Blogger Mikatan did some time travelling and today seems to be a good time to preview the 1/8 scale from Good Smile Company of our Kyubey-hating Mahou Shoujo Akemi Homura from the Anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
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Preview Nendoroid Menma is Pure Cuteness

Searching things like other things, I’ve discovered some pics regarding a Nendoroid of a certain specter from the anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai and it’s none other than Honma Meiko aka Menma.
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Figma Guts has Guts

Mikatan shows us a cool new figma. This figma is none other than main character of the “Berserk” series. Date Akira… I mean Guts. In his Black Knight Version. Continue reading

QB Products Tempting Otakus to make a Contract

Kyubey/Kyuubey/QB, the all powerful incubator knows how to keep us awake in the night is releasing so much products that Otakus are tempted to make a contract with him. Continue reading

GSC 1/8 Makise Kurisu Travels Through Time to take Your Money

With the recent ending of time paradox SCIENCE! anime Steins;Gate, Good Smile Company comes from the future to give us uninformed masses a post from Mikatan of a 1/8 scale model of Makise Kurisu. Continue reading

ClariS Nendoroid Petit Set Quite Cute

Mikatan once again shows more cute things to spend our money in with this set from two singers from a certain known Imouto anime, ClariS. Clara and Alice are depicted in Nendoroid Petit wearing what seems to be the same outfit they used performing the opening song “irony” of the anime “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai”.
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Wave Houki Truly Sexy, Yet Still Mediocre

Shinonono Houki, tsundere pilot of Akatsubaki from mediocre mecha-musume anime Infinite Stratos is getting another figure, this time she’s wearing her swimsuit from swimsuit known makers WAVE.
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Naughty Astraea is Naughty

Alpha Max who is known in the figure business for releasing such sexy figs are back to take yo’ money with the 1/7 scale figure of the busty, blonde idiot Astraea from the perverted ecchi anime “Sora no Otoshimono f.” Continue reading

Alter Aegis is Detailed Quite Stunningly

Alter who is known in making large scale figs that are truly nice brings out what appears to be a truly awesome sight for sore eyes. And I mean in a really good way with the anti-shadow robot from the game Persona 3/Persona 3:FES/P3P Aigis/Aegis.
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Steins;Gate Cheerful Surprise is Surprising

GSC, the leading company of figure stuff, shows us a new surprise and this surprise is a Cheerful Version of the two ladies from time traveling SCIENCE Anime Steins;Gate. Makise Kurisu and Shiina Mayuri. Continue reading