Semoponume’s Review for figma Madoka

It has been a long time since I have done a review for a figure. But anyhow, I’ll just get straight to the review.

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Makaizou (NSFW)

What the hell is Makaizou? Few days ago, I had a conversation with some e-mailer, and in that conversation he was asking me about Saber Lily’s cast-off feature. But the thing is, Saber Lily does not have a cast-off feature. Still the guy insisted and even showed me a picture of Saber Lily’s cast-off feature.

(Some NSFW pics ahead)

Good News and Bad News on Hobby Japan’s 1/8 Queen’s Gate Lili PVC

My first entry here in Team Onii-chan and I bring good news and bad news to Tekken/Lili fans/Queen’s Blade/Queen’s Gate figure collectors like me. Good news is, Hobby Japan would be releasing a figure of Lili. So if you are like me, then this is GLORIOUS! But… Continue reading