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Vhayste is a Filipino game walkthrough writer who's a fan of RPG games, shooters, strategy and adventure games. His works can be found on major gaming sites such as IGN, Supercheats, Gamefaqs, Neoseeker, etc. He is also an amateur garage kit modeler and a fond collector of PVC figures. He's into mechs (though he shied away from building gunplas), cars, fighter planes, history, astronomy, paleontology, general science, dogs, pasta, rootbeer and of course, chicks.

The Making of Mami Tomoe

Update: This is a heavily delayed post due to some issues with Imageshack’s f***ing “domain unregistered” issue, preventing my images from being displayed. I just managed to find time to manually upload these images, sorry.

Warning: Picture-heavy post ahead!

The display event held by the Team Oniichan crew in the recently held Otaku Expo 2011 in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall last September 3 and 4 was definitely a success. We all had fun overlooking our figures and enjoying what the convention has to offer. You can check out our members’ event related blogs for more wacky and awesome pictures.

I haven’t posted in the last two weeks since I was too busy finishing up this particular project. And thanks to the encouragement and moral support my brother and crewmates in Team Oniichan gave, she was able to make her successful debut just in time for the event. (I brought her to the ingress with the paint on her muskets still wet, haha!)

I am talking about the garage kit of Mami Tomoe. I am not really a die-hard fan but I do like her enough to make me immortalize her in a customized garage kit displaying an “alternative ending”. If you watched the anime, you should know what I am talking about.

I admit that this is not the best rendition of Mami but I did gave my best in making her. Besides, it’s still soothing to know that I have that only version of her in the whole world :D

In any case, I will just take this time to shed some light on how she came to be. How was she made? I’ll provide some brief explanations and pictures along the way so you won’t get bored.

How do you like them guns?

Main Figure

First off, I needed a base figure. I scoured the on-stock items of the site I usually order from and this particular kit captured my attention instantly. The pose, the uniform and the penguin immediately gave me the idea on how Mami will probably look like. Continue reading

Garage Kit 101: Paints

Welcome guys again for another long delayed episode of Garage Kits 101. It’s more than a month since I last posted something about this supposedly “weekly” blog series so I hope I can fill you in more about garage kits, especially those who were curious or wanted to try this hobby out.

Paints. I received a few questions about this a lot, especially from curious, fellow collectors. I personally use Tamiya acrylics, Tamiya Enamels and Bosny spray paints for my work. This week, I’ll try discussing the different types of paints and how they help you create masterpieces from dull, plain plastics.

Paint Types

Knowing the type of paint you’re using is very important. It will save you time, effort and resources by doing it right and not by repairing/repainting your kit because you used the wrong choice of paints. You can use any paint type; you just need to know when and how. There are three main paint types used by modelers: Lacquer, Acrylic and Enamel. The properties in green text indicate the “pros” while the red are the “cons”


Image courtesy of: Naritafamily.com

  • Quick drying and curing*
  • Adheres to most surfaces excellently
  • Forms a tough layer once cured.
  • Recommended for air brushing
  • Not recommended for hand painting (unless mixed with leveling thinner)
  • Very toxic
  • More expensive Continue reading

“Persona 4″ – Anime Announced

Remember the PS2 game Persona 4? Apparently, there’s a 24-episode anime that will be aired starting this October. The series will be animated by AIC ASTA — directed by Kishi Seiji. What’s even better is that the original voice cast of the game will repeat their roles in the anime.

I have high hopes for this since I played the game and even wrote a walkthrough for it. You can visit the official website or even watch the trailers in Youtube. Even the soundtrack is fantastic!

Garage Kits 101: The Tools of the Trade

In my last blog, I’ve discussed a brief introduction of garage kits. This week, I will cover the tools GK modellers like me use to assemble and paint kits. Please excuse the poor/ overused quality of the tools. That just proves how well they serve their purpose in this hobby. These are not arranged in any specific order:

Cutting Board

Not really a totally required tool but very useful, regardless. I use this so I can easily cut masking tapes in strips. It also helps me cut stuff easier and evenly. Continue reading

Garage Kits 101: Introduction to Garage Kits

What comes to mind when you hear the words “garage kit”? For those unfamiliar with the hobby, they might immediately imagine it literally as something that is used in a garage or renovate it. However, for those familiar with figure collecting, these are entirely different albeit interesting pieces they’ll want to include in their collection. In this short article, I’ll be discussing the overview of garage kits and their impact in the world of figure collecting. Continue reading