FiguArts ZERO Himura Kenshin Looks Top Notch (And Affordable Too)

“Rurouni Kenshin” has seen a revival in Japan soon and while there have been both good and bad things that have come out from it, the attention it has gotten recently is a welcome sight especially for those who grew up following the series. Bandai is paying tribute to this great series by announcing the “Rurouni Kenshin” FiguArts ZERO line of figures and the first entry is none other than the titular character himself, Himura Kenshin. Continue reading

Bandai Begins Ao no Exorcist FiguArts ZERO Line With… Shura!?


Another move coming out of the left field, Bandai has announced the release of the first “Ao no Exorcist” character figure, the demon-sword wielding bust lady, Kirigakure Shura, under the FiguArts ZERO line. Continue reading

FiguArts ZERO Show Bandai’s Cow Still Has Milk To Give

FiguArts ZERO Kurosaki Ichigo “Final Getsuga Tenshou”

Two new entrants into Bandai’s miniature static figure line, FiguArts ZERO, reveal that the company has plans to expand into 2 other popular shonen properties; the samurai-inspired Bleach and the ninja-themed Naruto. Continue reading