My 2 Loli Cats: A Review on 1/7 Max Factory Kobato Hasegawa and Maria Takayama

Reporting back from the Summoner’s Rift. Back for more reviews on things which I adore most in my life, my Anime Figures.

Cats… Don’t we love em all? I sure do, but I don’t own one in real life. Well, how about human cats in bunny suits? That’s right, Max Factory made it possible.

These two ladies came from the Light Novel, turned into anime, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The story, well, I don’t want to spoil you guys so just translate the title of the anime just to get a glimpse of what the anime is all about.

The Figure is art-based, meaning it won’t be aired on the anime while the characters wearing this. The reason I merged this two figures on one review is because one won’t be complete without the other one. Yes, you hear me right. I mean, it’s like Tom and Jerry without Tom in the show. Hope you catch my drift.

Now so much for that introduction let’s head to the figures itself!

Now ain’t that cute? Two of them just fresh outside of their own boxes. A little spoiler(again), these two, Maria Takayama(Left) and Kobato Hasegawa(right) are not in good terms at all. They always fight whenever they see each other… In a cute way.

There is a base on each figure, so don’t worry if you only want to buy one. One is the fluffy base is for Kobato as seen on the picture above this paragraph, and the checkered base is for Maria. And yes, I was lazy to remove the figures on the checkered base.

Ok, now let’s look onto Kobato.

Cuteness Overload I must say.

This was not included in the art, it’s an added bonus and serves as a balancing tool. Well, it can still stand without the bunny though.

Now onto Maria!

Who would have imagined that a Nun would wear this?

Now spamming pics for the pair!

I wish I had sisters like them. Ahem, so the pose is really accurate based on the art. The sculpt was really nice. There were no flaws at all (at least for me), expected from one of the major companies who make awesome figures. Priced 6400 Yen each, I think the price is fair.

Till next time guys, I’ll post more reviews maybe a week or so.

Special Thanks to: StarshipPooper for this image

A Review on 1/6 Plum Touwa Erio.

Reporting back from City of Auch, iLikeLolis reporting for duty. So let’s start the review! Today, we’ll be featuring my favorite Alien Loli Character(again), Touwa Erio. Manufactured by Plum and Sculpted by Knead K@Z, this is one of my favorite figs that was ever made. So on to the pictures!

The Front view of the box, looks good but it is much smaller than you think. :D

The Back view of the box. It has the picture of the Original Art/Concept of the figure.

Front view of the figure. The pose is kinda seducing, basically the motif of the figure itself was waking up early in the morning. In the anime, this was not shown(Yeah, I would love to see it animated). Overall, the figure was nicely done.

Side view of the fig.

Now on to the details.

I just really love how they painted this figure. It was very accurate even the nails are colored.

The pantsu was nicely done. It was wrinkled which it should be.

The hair itself is so outstanding. It has the same color tone with Beach Queen Erio has.

Overall, it as really nice fig especially when you really like Touwa Erio. For a price of 6800 Yen and 1/6 scale, I’d say the price is good enough. If you are making a shrine, you probably want this to be included since it is the biggest among them.

Figure Review: GSC Akihime Sumomo Stellar Spinner Ver.

GSC Sumomo Akihime

Hey guys Kyonko here, it’s been a while since I posted here and today I’ll be writing a review for an old release by Good Smile Company: 1/8 Akihime Sumomo Stellar Spinner Ver from the series Nanatsuiro★Drops.

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Quick Review: Max Factory Figma Insane Black Rock Shooter

Max Factory Figma SP-41 Insane Black Rock Shooter

It’s been a while since I actually last posted and when I actually held a figure shoot. So, today, I am back for another not so quick review and this time we go to the land of stupid bundles with figma Insane Black Rock Shooter!

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Miku Miku Megane! Hatsune Miku Lat Type

Reblogged from Otasensei

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BONDAGE YOU SAY?!: 1/7 Orchid Seed Sonico Bondage Ver. Review

Hi everyone, iLikeLolis here reporting for duty again! I know my username is iLikeLolis and you might think “Hey I thought you were into lolis since your username says so!”. Yeah I thought so too, but there are some exceptions. It maybe the pose is good, I know the character and I like her and other factors which you already know. For those who don’t know Sonico, she is the official mascot of Nitroplus.

Now for the review :D

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Meaty Review : GSC Nendoroid #199 Kashiwazaki Sena


Hello again blog readers! It’s been a while since my last post. I was busy with school works as usual.

Now I’m back with a Nendoroid I just aquired today. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’s Kashiwazaki Sena.

She was released last March at the SRP of 3,333 Japanese Yen (the usual price for nendoroids).

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An Alien Loli from Space: Review of Nendoroid Touwa Erio

Hello everyone, iLikeLolis here reporting for duty. This is my very short and first blog entry featuring Nendoroid Touwa Erio. She is my favorite character right now and maybe forever so expect reviews from me about her every figure :D Ok, here is a short background of the character. One day, she mysteriously disappeared for six months, with no memory of what happened during that time. At the same time, she began having an extreme fascination with aliens, believing herself to be an alien investigator monitoring humans. Following an incident where she broke her leg whilst trying to fly on her bike, she constantly wraps herself inside a futon.

Now that’s done let’s do the review!(Sorry for the crappy pics, the lights were busted and I didn’t purchase a new lamp yet. Please bear with it XD) Continue reading

Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena, Gimme Some of your Cherries :P

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) a successful anime’ last year, summoned Kashiwazaki Sena to be the first model of Kotobukiya figure line…This blonde beauty with boombastic melons is certainly a figure lover magnet or should I say figure oppai lover magnet… :)

Sena is very sexy in her sitting pose… Sculpted based on the cover illustration of the original 6th volume of the manga.

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Quick Review: Phat Company Yakumo Yukari

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari

Hey there, Murakami Night here! Felt like forever since I last posted something here :3 And so, today, I bring you another “short” review of one of those scaled figures that I would call a masterpiece. And it’s none other than the Youkai of Boundaries, Yakumo Yukari, who coincidentally happens to be my main in the game Imperishable Night and my very first scaled figure from Touhou Project! XD

The figure also happens to be sculpted by my favorite, YOSHI, who also did my favorite Miku figure above all that I have and also the one who did that Gokokuden Marisa which I’m searching high and low just to get it. Anyway, enough fanboying for me and time to start the review! Continue reading

Figure Review: Wave Beach Queens Kirino Kousaka

Hello again blog readers.
I’m back with a review of one of the figs I’ve acquired last UP AME and she made her debut there as well.

This is Wave’s version of Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

She was released last May 2011 at the SRP of 3,990 Japanese Yen.  Continue reading

Figure Review: GSC Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri

Hello again blog readers! Since I’m not that busy I’ve decided to post another review this time on GSC’s Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri or Mayushii from the Hit Anime Steins;Gate.

She was released last September at the SRP of 3,333 Japanese Yen (much like other nendoroids)

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Quick Review: Max Factory Figma WRS

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRSBeen a while since I last posted here and today I bring you a rather “quick” review of the recently released Game Bundled figma, White Rock Shooter or easily known as WRS!

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Figure Review: Kotobukiya 1/8 Kirino Kousaka

Here’s a review on Kotobukiya’s rendition of Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

She was released February 2011 and re-released May 2011 at the SRP of 6090 JPY
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Quick Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji

Good Smile Company Nendoroid 148: Yuyuko Saigyouji
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Quick Review: Max Factory Figma Kuroi Mato

One Yet Different
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Figure Review: 1/8 Alter Mio Akiyama School Festival ver.

Here’s a quick review on Alter’s 1/8 Mio Akiyama School Festival Version from the anime K-on!

She was released September 2010 at the SRP of 6,800 JPY.

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Quick Review: Nendoroid Kuroneko

Here’s a quick review on Gokou Ruri / Kuroneko Nendoroid from Good Smile Company.
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Quick Review: FREEing Nendoroid Airi

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