RIOBOT Gurren Lagann Makes Competitors Look Like Plastic Playthings, Price Certainly Agrees

Outside of the Robot Damashii and Revoltech Yamaguchi lines, there hasn’t really been any other entrants into the smaller articulated mecha figure lines. However, new manufacturer Sentinel looks to make a splash with their RIOBOT offerings and hopes to compete with the more well-known juggernauts from Bandai and Kaiyodo. Sentinel is certainly looking at the right franchises to make figures of as they’ve tapped into the more popular ones so far, such as Gurren Lagann, as shown above. Continue reading

RIOBOT EVA Unit-01 Cannibalizes on Eva Franchise and Your Money

Despite being released almost two decades ago, the Evangelion franchise is still going strong in terms of toy releases, with the now familiar EVA Unit-01 Test Type being a very willing victim of this infinitely dreadful commercialization. Joining in the fray is previously covered manufacturing newbie, Sentinel, who has decided to release its own version of what is probably the most well-recognized, if not, then certainly right up there, mecha in human history. Continue reading