Bandai Improves RD Gundam AGE Line… At Least According to These Magazine Scans

Recent scans from another respected hobby magazine in Japan, Figure Oh!, reveal Bandai’s plans with regards to its upcoming Robot Damashii product releases for the ongoing anime series, “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.” Continue reading

RD Strike Rouge IWSP Not For The Unfabulously Cashless


Bandai continues its milking assault with another variant release that’s sure to irritate Robot Damashii fans even more. Their latest Tamashii Web Shop exclusive, the RD Strike Rouge IWSP, merges Cagalli Yula Athha’s fabulously pink Gundam with the bulky IWSP weapons pack for a supposedly fearsome combination. Continue reading

RD Unicorn Gundam Full Action Ver. Release Around The Corner, Bandai Milks This Horse Again

Bandai’s no stranger to releasing new versions of previously done suits or characters in the name of “improvement,” but is really meant to cover up the crap job they’ve done on the first release. This was true for many of their toys, such as the S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Decade, Den-O Strike Form, to name a few. The Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode is most certainly now in that category as the new Full Action Ver. looks to correct the many flaws and inconsistencies that plagued the sordid, putrid (ok, maybe not) and butt-ugly first Unicorn Destroy Mode release. Continue reading

RD Nu Gundam in the Works? Oh, Bandai You Tease!


A scan showing a preview of the upcoming Robot Damashii (RD) Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Full Action Ver. reveals that the next high-profile Gundam to grace the RD lineup might be none other than Amuro Ray’s ultimate mobile suit (at least from an anime standpoint), the Nu Gundam. Continue reading

Start The New Year Poor With These January 2012 Tamashii Web Exclusives!

Scans of Figure Oh No. 163 just came out with more grim news for seemingly unflinching Bandai loyalists as a list of the toy makers Tamashii Web exclusive items was featured in one of its pages. Continue reading

Robot Damashii Unicorn Destroy Mode Full Action Version Full of Epic Awesomeness

Gundam UC is still one of most anticipated series right now and bandai is still milking the series by releasing a 2nd version of the Destroy Mode Unicorn Gundam
Continue reading