Figure Display General Rules and Guidelines


There will be two (2) groups of people who will be involved in this activity:

Team Onii-chan!
– A group of mighty awesome people dedicated to secure and defend the display area.

Figure Lenders
– Self-explanatory
– A figure lender is NOT equal to a Team Onii-chan! member. Hence, they may not necesarrily benefit from all Team Onii-chan! privileges. However, figure lenders are eligible to become members of Team Onii-chan! provided they pass the requirements to become one (guard the booth for at least 2 shifts and maintain good and friendly behavior is all we ask).


Securing of the Toy Display Area:
– Generally speaking, the main set-up for our display event together with Otakuzine management would be; scaled figures on the display tables with barricade and small figures (nendoroid, figmas, other articlated) on glass counters.

Team Onii-chan’s main task during display events is to secure the figures to be displayed at the display tables and/or glass cabinets with an iron fist. We cannot allow anyone to take home/steal figures during the event.


General Figure Display Crew Responsibilities:
– Thorough security of the display area for the whole day of the event.
– Maintaining the peace and order of display area. This includes shooing any by-standers/loiterers inside the toy display area for security measures. In the same way, the display crew is asked not to be rowdy inside the area and should display proper behavior.
– Cleaning the display area before entrance into the halls is allowed.
– Check and record all figures going in and out of the display, especially during ingress and egress.
– Entertain questions of visitors and/or customers. Please be courteous.


Privileges of the Team Onii-chan! Crew:
– Right to display their figure at the toy display area for the entire 3 days.
– A FREE 3-day event pass will be provided to all members of Team Onii-chan. Please take note that the ticket price during Ozine events is worth P100/day. For non-Ozine events, the price may be higher and lower depending on the discretion of the organizers.
– There will be times (again depending on the organizers) when Team Onii-chan! will be provided with FREE exhibitor’s tables. This means that any member of the Team Onii-chan! is allowed to display figure/s that they would like to sell during the event at the team’s designated area without any extra charge.
– Meet and greet Onii-chan loljk


Important Notes:
– A Team Onii-chan! member may not necessarily be a figure collector. We just need a few highly-dependable people who have nothing better to do during the given event schedule and are willing to burn out their life force safeguarding the display area for hours and hours against evil potential figure thieves.
– We do NOT and will NOT require people who lend their figures for the display to join the display area security group. However, we greatly appreciate it if people who are willing to display their figures will also help in manning the display area. More manpower = more security for your figures.


Team Onii-chan Recruitment Terms:
– Willing to coordinate with the head of the Team Onii-chan! at all times. In addition, we reserve the right to reject membership based on either the applicant’s history and disposition or by our mere personal standards.
– Should be present during the event for at least two (2) shifts, not necessarily in consecutive terms.
– A recruit is not required to display a figure at the toy display area.
– Should have a watchful eye on the displays always.
– Be available for potential meet-ups before the event to further discuss plans, policies and other things necessary for the display.


Display Terms for Figure Lenders:
– There will be a routine check made at the beginning and end of each day to see if there are no missing figures.
– Team Onii-chan! will not be held responsible to compensate for any stolen figure/s in case of theft cases. Rest assured however we will do our best to protect your precious figures.
– Team Onii-chan! will also not be responsible for damages to figures in case they fall off the table or are accidentally moved by some outside force.
– Lenders should be present during the ingress (to be announced) and egress in order to drop off and to pick up their toys.
– HOWEVER, should lenders not be able to attend either one, please contact Onii-chan or Kettenkrad first so that a solution can be made.


Selling Terms (if applicable):
– The exhibitor’s table is open to anyone who’s interested in selling their figures for no extra charge. In exchange of this privilege, the seller must agree to join the Onii-chan crew to secure the display area for a set amount of time.
– At least two (2) people from Team Onii-chan! will guard the selling table.
– Maximum of three (3) figures per person at a time is allowed in the sale area. If a person has brought more than the maximum allowed figures for sale, he/she must wait for any of his displayed figures to be sold, which is composed of 3 slots.
– A figure seller is not required to join the figure display at the toy display area.
– Each figure should be posted accordingly with a readable price tag.
– Just to make it clear, Otakuzine management or Team Onii-chan will NOT be asking for a commission from sold figures. If someone says that there’s a required fee, then he or she is a fraud. Please contact Onii-chan or Loli Ranger Chii immediately in case of this event happening at any times.
– As soon as a figure is sold, money from the sale should be given to the person who owned the figure ASAP. Person will be asked to sign on a record sheet to acknowledge that he received the money.
– In an event that the exhibitor’s table is spacious enough to accommodate more figures even after sellers from Team Onii-chan’s team has occupied the alloted three (3) figures per person, we will allow any member of the crew to post more than the agreed limit of sale slots if they have more figures to sell with them.


How to join:
– Comment on this thread or fill up the form below.

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  1. Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome 1/8 scale Banpresto Asuka Soryu Langley fruits punch Sega Prize Black Lagoon Revy Banpresto
    ill bring them on day 3 of ozine fest thanks guys…

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