Figure Sale

Welcome to the Figure Sale page! This is where members of Team Onii-chan! will be posting some of their items for sale. As such, there will be some terms and conditions needed to be followed to ensure smooth and problem-free transactions.

1. To easily keep track of inquiries regarding the items, please post them as comments in this page. That way, people who might have the same questions will no longer ask them and can see which items are currently reserved or not.

2. If you want to reserve an item, please post your interest to do so here. Only reservations made in this page will be considered valid. Only when the seller contacts you through his means of communication shall you be allowed to personally meet and/or talk to him.

3. Item prices are subject to change at the discretion of the seller. If he or she says don’t haggle, please don’t haggle.

4. Prices here are for Philippine buyers only. For those from other countries who are interested in the items, the prices do not include the shipping cost. The seller will contact you regarding shipping and other fees once he or she approves the sale to you.

5. Conditions of items are described below. Please understand that once you commit yourself to buying an item, you are expected to know the condition of the item you are buying.

Any sale approved shall be between only the seller and the buyer. Team Onii-chan! as a group will not be liable for any potential problems and circumstances which may happen within the context of the transaction. Items here are only posted to help in marketing the products.

Condition terms:
MISB – Mint In Sealed Box / Brand New
LIB – Loose In Box / Opened and displayed
MIB – Mint In Box / Opened for inspection only, figure not displayed

64 thoughts on “Figure Sale

  1. I am selling my Saber Lily Distant Avalon for 7K. Bought last January, and I’ve only opened this box for inspection. never been displayed. Interested buyers please message me in my FB. Meetups would be on Ortigas area (megamall preferably) during weekdays, QC area on weekends. Thanks.

  2. Is there a Live Stage Mio Akiyama nendoroid for sale and if there is, is there a discount?, may I know the last price? I’m sorry it’s just that I’ve wanted to buy her alone but didn’t know if it was possible and the nendoroids itself is hard to find with ritsu in the Philippines

  3. Hi! I’m looking for a possible purchase of the [GSC] 1/8 Hatsune Miku Tony Taka Ver., but it’d have to wait until around the second week of January next year, would it be possible for the owner to contact me through perhaps? Thanks and God Bless.

  4. Hi there I want to ask you if how much is this Nendoroid Petite Suzuka Tsukimura doll is it a yen or a philippine peso… Pls reply as soon as u can.

  5. Hello, I’m interested in buying the figure ” [Kotobukiya] 1/8 Yomiko Readman
    LIB | no damage” – It comes with the box, is authentic and has no damage, no scratch right?

    I’m a big fan of the anime, you guys accept paypal? I’m not from Philippine.

    • Hi there! I’m sorry but Yomiko is already reserved and I’m scheduled to meet the buyer this weekend. Thanks for your interest though, and thanks for dropping by on our blog :)

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