TAGCOM 6 Event Report (Yes, We Had a Display There!)

When we have anime figure displays, we’re usually given at least a month to prepare for the event. Why a month? Well, consider that not only do we have to invite lenders and record their figures to be displayed in the event, but we also have to layout the name tags for the figures and have further discussions with the organizers with regards to the floor space we have to work with. I think this is why our latest stint at TAGCOM 6 at Robinson’s Place Manila last March 31 to April 1 has got to be one of our most impressive showings yet. It may not have been as grandiose as our previous displays but given the extremely rushed preparation time we had, we’re quite proud of the showcase we had. Continue reading

Hobby Japan January 2012 Scans (Max Factory Luka WOOT!!!)

The latest scans from Japan’s highly respected hobby magazine, Hobby Japan, have just come out and as usual, oodles of new figures to look forward to are once again in the spotlight. This issue seems to be much more interesting than the last two were, particularly due to the presence of very recognizable characters most otaku identify with.

Continue reading

Hobby Japan December 2011 Scans (OH GOD, YES SHISHIO!!!)

Another Hobby Japan issue, another round of figures to salivate upon. Scans for the December issue of Japan’s foremost hobby collectors’ magazine don’t quite reach epic levels, but compared to last month’s downright boring announcements, these ones are much more excitable. Continue reading

Ichiban Kuji BakaTest Gives You A Hideyoshi For X’mas

Stolen promotional shots found on Japanese image board, 2chan, reveal prize figure maker Banpresto’s plans to roll out an Ichiban Kuji lottery for hit anime, “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu,” which includes yet another figure of delightfully delicious trap and main attraction, Hideyoshi. Continue reading

QB Invades Ichiban Kuji Lottery, Puella Magi Hopefuls Sell Souls For 600 Yen

Surprise mythical character of the year, Kyubey, once again romps through the otaku sphere, this time bringing his knowledge of entropy to Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji lottery in hopes of converting more minions to his thermodynamic cause. Continue reading