Quick Review: Max Factory Figma Insane Black Rock Shooter

Max Factory Figma SP-41 Insane Black Rock Shooter

It’s been a while since I actually last posted and when I actually held a figure shoot. So, today, I am back for another not so quick review and this time we go to the land of stupid bundles with figma Insane Black Rock Shooter!

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TAGCOM 6 Event Report (Yes, We Had a Display There!)

When we have anime figure displays, we’re usually given at least a month to prepare for the event. Why a month? Well, consider that not only do we have to invite lenders and record their figures to be displayed in the event, but we also have to layout the name tags for the figures and have further discussions with the organizers with regards to the floor space we have to work with. I think this is why our latest stint at TAGCOM 6 at Robinson’s Place Manila last March 31 to April 1 has got to be one of our most impressive showings yet. It may not have been as grandiose as our previous displays but given the extremely rushed preparation time we had, we’re quite proud of the showcase we had. Continue reading

Volunteer Your Figures For The Ozine Fest 2012 Anime Figure Display!!!

Out of all the anime figure displays that we’ve been a part of, Ozine Fest will always be special for us since it was the first event that Team Onii-chan participated in, as well as one of the largest and most diverse ones. Because of this, we always look forward to the month of April since Otakuzine management always holds their flagship 3-day event on this month. With April fast approaching, they’ve finally announced that Ozine Fest 2012 will be held on April 13-15, 2012 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls (how many halls we don’t know, but most likely three). So why are we making this post then? We’re having a figure display there of course! And it’s not just any display. If you think that our Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display was huge, this one promises to be the mother of all displays. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had our last event and in that time, quite a lot of new figures have been released so expect a lot of new entries in our display alongside some old favorites. Because it’s such a big and important event for us, we’ve decided to open slots for the lending of figures one month in advance to help us prepare for it. Continue reading

The (Delayed) Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Event Report

Another event has just passed for Team Onii-chan and yet, unlike the previous ones, the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display will always hold a special distinction for various reasons. Not only was it the largest collection of figures ever gathered for an event but it was also the first time that Team Onii-chan was front and center in terms of participation for a convention. For such a young group to handle a project of such grand scale was indeed a daunting task but if there was ever a crew that was prepared for it, it was ours. From the planning stages to the ingress and to the event proper itself, everyone helped out in bringing this dream to life. Never have we imagined that a figure-centered convention would ever be promoted this way and we’re very lucky to have played a big part in it. Continue reading

Volunteer Your Figures for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Display!!! (Our Biggest, Grandest and Best One Yet!)

In one month, Team Onii-chan! will be having its greatest event ever (I know I said our AME Monogatari one was but this one’s even bigger) and as always, we will be having another display for all attendees to see and appreciate. However, unlike before where the display was segmented by toy line (scale figures, Nendoroids, articulated figures), for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, we will be grouping figures according to popular series. This doesn’t mean that figures whose characters do not fall under the series mentioned below will be left out. In fact, we will be providing a separate area for those figures as well. The rationale behind grouping figures by series is that it helps people who are more familiar with the shows look at the figures since they’re all in a shared space, rather than having them scan the display by toy line. We believe that this set-up would cater best to the general public and not just toy collectors, which is really what the thrust of this convention is; to spread the joy of figure collecting not just to existing collectors, but to everyone.

Here are the different series and the slots for lending. As always, to lend your figure, just comment below this post with your name, contact details and the figure which you’ll be lending. Note that since lending will be on a per series basis, you have to state the toy line that the figure is from (e.g. Nendoroid) Continue reading

Hobby Japan January 2012 Scans (Max Factory Luka WOOT!!!)

The latest scans from Japan’s highly respected hobby magazine, Hobby Japan, have just come out and as usual, oodles of new figures to look forward to are once again in the spotlight. This issue seems to be much more interesting than the last two were, particularly due to the presence of very recognizable characters most otaku identify with.

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New Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Promotional Video Makes Us Wish January Was Here Already

Two months ago, it was reported that a new Black Rock Shooter TV series will be broadcast in January 2012 next year. Other than being shown on Fuji TV’s NoitaminA block and that the show will be made under a new production crew, there hasn’t been any news about it since until now. The new anime’s web site has been updated with a new promotional video to make BRS fans salivate while waiting for its actual air date. Some unconfirmed reports also say that the anime will only last for 8 episodes *groan* but I certainly hope it lasts for more than that. Anyways, I’m not the biggest BRS fan out there, and trust me when I say there’s probably a million fans out there who’re much more devoted to the franchise, but I’d have to say I’m pretty excited about this new project. The show looks to have excellent production values and being on the NoitaminA time slot means that we won’t be getting any of the typical moe, ecchi, harem and other fan service shit we’re already numb to seeing.

Collecticon 2011 Event Report (No Need For Parental Guidance Here)

Even though we’re looking forward to our next display at AME Monogatari next month, our presence at Collecticon 2011 was no slouch at all means whatsoever. In fact, given the limited space, we still managed to put up a great display with a good mix of old favorites and stunnin new releases. Continue reading

Strength -animation version- Continues the Trend for Killer Lolis… and Killer Prices

Mikatan Blog just gave her customary preview shots with the upcoming release of Strength -animation version- just around the corner, giving collectors who didn’t pre-order this silent loli more to think and regret about. Continue reading

Nendoroid Generations RPG Charms With Limited *groan* Edition Charms

GSC continues its reign of unstoppable financial terror on poor helpless lambs starved for more Nendoroid goodness as the new PSP game, “Nendoroid Generation,” is confirmed to be getting a limited edition first release pack which will include 8 Nendoroid Plus charms from the following selection of characters: Continue reading

GSC BLK Now Open for Pre-orders!

The much awaited huke artbook is now open for pre-orders as announced from Mikatan’s previous postContinue reading


Mikatan is having a preview storm once again. After showing us some Nendoroids, she now previews a figma. The new figma she’s previewing is BRSB or Black Rock Shooter BEAST. BRSB is different from the titular Black Rock Shooter in terms of weapons and looks. Continue reading

Hobby Japan October 2011 Scans

The October 2011 issue of hobby-institution and soothsayer of otaku poverty, Hobby Japan, reveals upcoming figures to watch out for in the coming months and as always a certain Madoka never fails to make what is now a necessary appearance, along with her Newtonian demon kitty, QB.
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Portfolio: GSC 1/8 Black Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver.

IMG_3945Good Smile Company 1/8 Black★Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver. was released last June 2010 in accordance with the high merchandise demand of by then a very popular character (no series/OVA yet) Black★Rock Shooter. Regarded by many as a “poor man’s B★RS” and deemed inferior compared to the first B★RS figure, the Original Version also from the same company, this relatively cheap figure is probably one of the most flawless PVC figures that GSC ever produced. Continue reading

BREAKING: New B★RS TV Anime Announced!


In what seems to be a sign of the impending Apocalypse for the financial sanity of otaku, Noitamina producer Kōji Yamamoto and Black Rock Shooter creator huke both confirmed on their Twitter accounts that a new TV anime of cannon-toting, flame-eyed loli, Black★Rock Shooter will air on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block sometime in January 2012. However, Ordet’s founder, Yutaka Yamamoto, has stated that his animation studio, which worked on the earlier released OVA, is not working on the new project, leading us to speculate if character designs will change for better (megane Dead Master ftw!) or worse or if the new show will be canon to the unspectacular OVA. One thing’s for sure, somewhere out there, Mr. Takanori is already counting his cheques…

August Figure Releases: Good Smile Company 2nd Wave

And the 2nd wave of release and delay announcements is here!

And magically, those I was expecting to get delayed didn’t get delayed, anyway, check out the dates after the jump. Continue reading

kettenkrad’s June-July Figure Loot

Normally, I would post my latest hauls as soon as I have my paws on them but my room is currently under renovation so I kinda’ lost interest posting my previous hauls when my personal stuff and other figures are all over the place (with my figure boxes buried in cement powder lol).

Nendoroid BGS is an obligatory haul because I’m planning to complete the BRS Nendoroid series. On the other hand, GSC Saber Alter is an impulse buy because of her crazy low price when a friend of mine dropped her pre-order and paid a huge percentage of the actual price. Orchid Seed Sonico Bondage Ver. is a must-have figure for a Nitro+ fag like me, but I’m hoping my mom doesn’t criticize me for this XD And then there’s GSC Miku which I got cheap despite being mint in box in exchange for dropping my pre-order slot for the re-released version. Finally, Nendoroid Yuki Miku Playtime Edition is another must have mainly because of the Miku tray mold included.

I NEED CHOCO MIKU \(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)/

Quick Review: Max Factory Figma Kuroi Mato

One Yet Different
And here’s another quick review, this time, it’s the human identity of Black Rock Shooter (at least, in the OVA that is XD), Kuroi Mato! Continue reading

Hobby Manufacturers Product Expo = Wallet Murder 2011

At the recent Hobby Manufacturers Product Expo held after Wonder Festival 2011 Summer, more closeups of announced figures were taken by several figure sites that prompted our attention. While most of these figures have already been featured before, we will be giving more information on the figures that have definite release dates based on what we found. Continue reading

Max Factory Figma Black ★ Rock Shooter – The Game (B★RS 2032)

So after the B★RS Beast, there will be another one, and this figma is none other than the future version of BRS. We should not beware of the 2012 prophecies because we can say that our future is safe in year 2032. :) Continue reading

Night’s Last Loots for July

Pardon the ugly background, flash shot quality and messy table XD

Anyway, just sharing the story of stuff I hauled and that  happened today.

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