CM’s Corporation Konoe Subaru, Probably The Most Beautiful Butler of Them All… :)

    After the last episode of the anime Mayo Chiki! Many fans of the series became so lonley. And S4 (Shooting Star Subaru-Sama) members were left crying because they will miss their beloved sempai. But there is a reason for them to at least celebrate. Because Konoe Subaru will have another wonderful figure, this time by CM’s Corporation in 1/7 scale…. :)

   Basically her pose is a very good tribute to the first volume of it’s manga. Complete moe-ness, and in my honest opinion, she is indeed the most beautiful butler…. by far.. :)

   She joined the lineup of Gutto-kuru Figure La Beaute Collections…She also comes with optional parts/extra neko-mimi  and neko-tail, to add more moe and fetishes for all figure fans… :)

     Another big factor to buy this fig, is because of its cast-off ability. She is wearing the usual cute panties and bra, the same undies we saw from one of the episodes in the series (Check Episode Number 4)… :)

    A bonus pantsu shot of the rear view of some kawaii different cat-print designs…..Even the sculpt of her toes are very well detailed… :)

Punyuru Takanashi wants you to click the preorder button. ‘Coz you can have her for a price of 8800Yen and will be released late January 2012.

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