Volunteer Your Figures For The Best of Anime 2012

Hi everyone! Onii-chan here. It’s been quite a while since I last posted here. Been quite busy recently. Anyways, we’ll be having another figure display this year at The Best of Anime 2012! Last year’s display for this event was a memorable one for us and we hope that this year’s edition will be even better. As always, we’re inviting everyone to lend your figures for the display so you can help in promoting the figure collecting hobby to others.

We’re opening the slots to everyone who wish to lend their figures. To lend, just comment on this post below with your name (can be real or an alias), contact information (preferably Facebook profile link) and the figure that you will be lending. Please state the manufacturer and the toy line which the figure is from.

Note: Only authentic/original figures will be allowed. The display will be an open display. There will only be tables and no cabinets.
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Volunteer Your Figures For Otaku Expo Reloaded 2012


Hi guys! scarychii here! (yes, im still breathing lol) Onii-chan is busy with other stuff so i’ll be the one doing the post whether you like it or not. :P

Anyway, after 1 month of hiatus, we’ll have another display at Otaku Expo Reloaded 2012! Details (date and place) are posted in the picture above.

We’re opening the slots to everyone who wish to lend their figures. To lend, just comment on this post below with your name (can be real or an alias depending on you), contact info (preferably Facebook profile link) and the particular figure that you will be lending. Please state the manufacturer and the toy line which the figure is from (e.g GSC 1/8 Oshino Shinobu).

Note: We only allow authentic/original figures.

Type of Display: Open Display. No cabs, just tables.

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Reminders for Ingress and Other Important Stuff (ToyCon 2012)

For all Team Onii-chan members, figure lenders and those who will be guarding the display, here are some reminders to take note of. This primarily concerns the ingress and egress schedules, duties and conduct in the display area.


1. Ingress will be on June 15, 2012 from 12 nn to 10 pm at the SM Megatrade Hall Conference Rooms. However, according to ToyCon officials, only 5 members of the team will be allowed to stay within the conference room for the ingress. These members are Onii-chan, Murakami Night, scary.chii, Kai and Ash (final already).

2. Because of this, we will be asking lenders of figures to meet with us outside of the conference room to hand us their figures instead. Once you arrive outside the conference room, please immediately look for anyone of the 5 listed above and sign on our records. This will help us take note of the figures you’ve brought for the display.

3. For those who can bring risers (acrylic preferably), please do bring them to the ingress so we can prepare them inside the cabs immediately.


1. Please take care of your belongings. Team Onii-chan will not be responsible for any losses due to carelessness (such as leaving any expensive items unattended to). Your PSPs, DSLRs and such items are your responsibility. If you lose them because you left them somewhere, do not fault us for it.

2. Do not bring food inside the event hall.

3. Always keep a friendly disposition. Do not incite fights with your fellow members or with the public. There may be times when the crowds are a bit rowdy so we ask for your patience in dealing with them.

4. We only have 3 IDs given out by the ToyCon committee which will be used by the admins. As a result, you will be required to purchase tickets to be able to enter the event area. We are very sorry for this as ToyCon (even in previous years) really just gives out 3 IDs for their exhibitors.

5. If any TV reporters (yes, there will be TV coverage of the display) come to the display and asks questions, please answer them seriously (well not too serious but you get my point) and in a friendly tone. Also, don’t forget to prep up before being interviewed. Be in your most presentable look. *wink*


1. Egress will start at 7:30 pm of June 17. If you absolutely need to leave earlier than that, please inform any of the Team Onii-chan admins (Onii-chan, scary.chii, kettenkrad or Murakami Night) before doing so.

2. You can leave your boxes at the display area but please be mindful that space is quite limited at the display area and ToyCon wants us to be organized and tidy in keeping our things there.

That’s all for the reminders for ToyCon 2012! Follow them to heart and we assure you that we won’t be having problems for the display. This is our first ever ToyCon display and we hope that it will be a successful one for us as well!

– Onii-chan :)

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Reminders for Ingress and Other Important Stuff (Ozine Fest 2012)

For all Team Onii-chan members, figure lenders and those who will be guarding the display, here are some reminders to take note of. This primarily concerns the ingress and egress schedules, duties and conduct in the display area. Continue reading

Sensei Rocks The House at Otaku Expo 2012!

Another convention has passed and while we’re pooped out, we’re very happy again with the turnout as well as the company of all our friends who guarded the display. I’m supposed to make an event report for Otaku Expo 2012 but since I’m kinda’ lazy right now (hahaha), I’ll first post the epic performance of our resident Sensei, Ash, who didn’t only promote Team Onii-chan and our forum, JPTOYPH.ORG, but also sang his heart out with his rendition of Dragonball Z’s “Cha La Head Cha La.”

So again, to Team Onii-chan, thank you and congratulations to another splendid display. Our success is the success of each and everyone of us. Without all of your help, the group will not be flourishing as much as it has today. Also, thank you to Sensei for the great performance and active promotion of the team. Enjoy the video everyone :)

Volunteer Your Figures for the Otaku Expo 2012 Display!!!

Volunteering time! As with our previous figure events, we’re opening up slots for our display to everyone to lend their figures for it. Our displays would not have been as successful as they’ve been without the help of our lenders and this will hold true for all of our displays including our upcoming Otaku Expo 2012 stint this January 21-22, 2011. Since there is no particular series of shows that are highlighted this time, we will be using the standard grouping of scale figures, Nendoroids and articulated figures. To volunteer, just comment below this post so we can register your name as a lender. These are the number of slots for now but we will add more once we’ve confirmed the number of tables given to us. Thanks. Continue reading

Team Onii-chan Figure Display Crew Will Be at Otaku Expo 2012!!!

After our grandest display event last month, you’d think that our team would be resting on its laurels now, but no. This January 21-22, Otakuzine will once again be holding Otaku Expo at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 and yup, you guessed it, we’re having another display for all of you. If you will remember, we also participated in the 2011 edition of the said event and in my opinion, that was one of the more memorable displays that we had so I’m very optimistic that this will be just as memorable. What to expect? Well, more figures of course. We’ll be showcasing some of the first figures that came out in 2012 so expect some new faces to be seen. For now, we don’t have much details regarding the event itself but on our part, we’ll be opening slots for volunteering of figures soon so stay tuned. What better way to celebrate the new year than with a new convention! We hope to see all of you at our event and hopefully you can once again visit our booth to see our gorgeous display.

The (Delayed) Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Event Report

Another event has just passed for Team Onii-chan and yet, unlike the previous ones, the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display will always hold a special distinction for various reasons. Not only was it the largest collection of figures ever gathered for an event but it was also the first time that Team Onii-chan was front and center in terms of participation for a convention. For such a young group to handle a project of such grand scale was indeed a daunting task but if there was ever a crew that was prepared for it, it was ours. From the planning stages to the ingress and to the event proper itself, everyone helped out in bringing this dream to life. Never have we imagined that a figure-centered convention would ever be promoted this way and we’re very lucky to have played a big part in it. Continue reading

Volunteer Your Figures for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Display!!! (Our Biggest, Grandest and Best One Yet!)

In one month, Team Onii-chan! will be having its greatest event ever (I know I said our AME Monogatari one was but this one’s even bigger) and as always, we will be having another display for all attendees to see and appreciate. However, unlike before where the display was segmented by toy line (scale figures, Nendoroids, articulated figures), for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, we will be grouping figures according to popular series. This doesn’t mean that figures whose characters do not fall under the series mentioned below will be left out. In fact, we will be providing a separate area for those figures as well. The rationale behind grouping figures by series is that it helps people who are more familiar with the shows look at the figures since they’re all in a shared space, rather than having them scan the display by toy line. We believe that this set-up would cater best to the general public and not just toy collectors, which is really what the thrust of this convention is; to spread the joy of figure collecting not just to existing collectors, but to everyone.

Here are the different series and the slots for lending. As always, to lend your figure, just comment below this post with your name, contact details and the figure which you’ll be lending. Note that since lending will be on a per series basis, you have to state the toy line that the figure is from (e.g. Nendoroid) Continue reading

Team Onii-chan to Co-Present Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special!!!

Team Onii-chan Figure Display Crew has had a long standing and fruitful relationship with Otakuzine and its management ever since its inception and this will only continue to get stronger as time goes by. Perhaps no other proof of this so far will be greater than our super year-ender special event, of which Team Onii-chan will be co-presenting with Ozine for the very first anime figure centered convention in the Philippines. If you’re familiar with Wonder Festival in Japan, then the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, which will be held on December 28-29, 2011 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1, will be something similar to that. Being co-presenters, we will be much more involved with this event more than any of the past ones we’ve attended.

Of course, there will be a figure display, which I might add, is bound to be the biggest and grandest collection of anime figures and toys ever assembled yet. But more than a figure display, there will also be a lot of other activities related to the anime figure collecting fandom that should prove to be interesting for the entire spectrum of otaku in the Philippines. Our team is currently in the process of planning with Ozine management for this huge event. Being the first of its kind in the country, we are very honored and blessed that Ozine has decided to grant us this great opportunity to spread the wonders of Japanese figure collecting to everyone. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings here on the blog so just keep checking for regular updates. :)

Promoting the Team Onii-chan Booth at AME Monogatari is SRS BZNZ

Everyone’s still knocked out cold after our AME Monogatari display yesterday at the World Trade Center (including me) so I’ll do the post-display obligatory post later. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on a highly competitive wrestling match between our sensei, Ash, and GK master, Paul. This should whet your appetite for blood lust (ok, maybe not) before the fight later between Pacquiao and Marquez. Anyways, it’s back to the bed for me. To everyone who went to our display yesterday, thank you very much. We hope to see you soon (sooner than you think).

Thanks to Jed for the video.

Reminders for Team Onii-chan’s AME Monogatari Figure Display

After more than a month of opening display slots for our AME Monogatari display on November 12, we’ve now closed the lending of figures for the said event. To all those who’ve volunteered to lend their precious figures, thank you and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of our future displays as well. Anyways, I just came back from the AME Monogatari meeting earlier and here’s some important reminders (and revelations) for our Team Onii-chan! members and to those who will hopefully be visiting our grand display at AME Monogatari.

NOTE: AME Monogatari will be held at Hall D of the World Trade Center in Pasay.

1. Ingress will be on the day of the event itself at 8 am. The event will start at 11 am so all those who will be lending figures are asked to arrive before the starting time.

2. The display booth will be a 6 ft by 6 ft area and will have 8 tables. We will be allowed to arrange them as we see fit as long as they do not go beyond the allocated space for us.

3. No exact number of passes have been given yet, but most likely it will be at least 5 with a good possibility that more will be given.

4. Entrance for those attending the ingress will be at the back of Hall D. The front and side entrances won’t be open until the events starts at 11 am.

5. Egress will start at 8 pm or if the organizers allow, a bit earlier than that (around 7:30 pm). If you absolutely need to leave earlier than that, please inform any of the Team Onii-chan! admins before doing so.

6. Much like our epic stint at Collecticon 2011, we will be having another presentation! (Prepare for hijinks and the unexpected) The presentation will be at 2 pm to 2:30 pm. We are inviting all those who will be visiting our display to attend our short presentation on figures as well. Seats for the presentation are limited to 40 people only.

That’s all the reminders you need to know for our AME Monogatari display. Whether you’re a lender, part of the crew or an event goer, we hope you take the time to visit us and see our lineup of figures. If you have any questions or inquiries about what Team Onii-chan! is, our friendly members will be sure to help you with them. We hope to see you at AME Monogatari on November 12 at the World Trade Center. :)

Four Display Events, Six Months After, Still Awesome

It’s been more than half a year since Team Onii-chan! Figure Display Crew was formed and looking back, we really didn’t expect our group to stay for as long as it has, considering it was supposed to only last for one convention. Yup. Just one. However, by some fortuitous chance, we’re still standing and continuing to spread the figure collecting hobby with everyone. As seen in the pic above (from our most recent EB which was yesterday), the core of the team has grown considerably from the first display we had and slowly but surely, we’d like to grow it even more. With more events and displays upcoming, I’m sure this will be a very attainable goal, but the important thing is to have fun at the same time. One thing’s for sure, even if our group does grow even more, it will still retain its lack of whatever hierarchical power. As a group, we want everyone’s opinions to be considered and have a transparent relationship with each other. I believe we have some of the best members in any group and that it’s they who make Team Onii-chan! therefore, any spotlight should be deferred to them and not to the admins.

Being one of the first members, I can say that I’m glad we continued Team Onii-chan! into more than just a one event project. The figure collecting hobby is but a very small segment of the toy collecting and otaku fandom in the Philippines, but with each figure display and member we bring in, we hope that we can improve its visibility among the public. Again, our team is always open to more people as long as they present themselves to us and share the same vision and goals. I’m very thankful to all of our members and those who’ve contributed to the small success that we’ve achieved for the past six months. Let’s keep it rolling and we’re sure that the coming months will be an even better time for our small, yet rapidly growing group. Thanks guys! :D

Volunteer Your Figures for Team Onii-chan’s AME Monogatari Display! (Open to Everyone)

UP’s AME Monogatari is still a month away, but considering the size of the display, we’ve decided to open slots for volunteering of figures early so that everyone can get a chance to lend their most precious collections. The event will just be for one day so we can go all out on this one. To volunteer a figure, just leave a comment below on which figures you plan on lending along with your name and an e-mail address or Facebook account that we can contact you with. We hope you can join us in what looks to be one of our biggest display events we will be participating in. Remember, AME Monogatari will be on November 12, 2011 at the World Trade Center in Pasay. Slots for lending can be seen below. Continue reading

Collecticon 2011 Event Report (No Need For Parental Guidance Here)

Even though we’re looking forward to our next display at AME Monogatari next month, our presence at Collecticon 2011 was no slouch at all means whatsoever. In fact, given the limited space, we still managed to put up a great display with a good mix of old favorites and stunnin new releases. Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! Will Be At AME Monogatari! Prepare For A Monster Display!!!

Fresh off our blockbuster appearance at Collecticon 2011, Team Onii-chan! continues its unstoppable romp of figure displays next month as we’re confirming our participation in AME Monogatari, UP AME’s yearly and much-awaited event, on November 12, 2011 at the East Pavilion of the World Trade Center in Pasay. While last year’s event was hampered by limited space and unforeseen crowds, this year’s organizers look to have resolved this problem with the bigger venue. Personally, AME’s event is one of my favorite ones as the booths and exhibitors are quite different and offer much variety. That and the aforementioned bigger space means that our display at this event will surely be much bigger (and even better if that’s even possible) than our previous ones. We’ll be announcing slots for volunteering of figures for AME Monogatari soon so keep visiting the blog for the latest updates. :)

Reminders for Collecticon 2011 Figure Display


We just got back from the Collecticon 2011 exhibitors meeting and here’s some updates to keep in mind, for both current Team Onii-chan! members (particularly those lending their figures) and those planning to go and see our display. Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! Will Be At Collecticon 2011!!!

As part of Team Onii-chan’s vision to conquer the world… I mean, spread the joy of figure collecting to the Philippine otaku and toy communities, we are once again making ourselves present in another highly anticipated event. This time, we’re taking ourselves and our beloved figures to Collecticon 2011 at the Robinson’s Midtown Mall from October 8-9. Whereas previous conventions we joined were focused on the otaku community at large, this time, we’re reaching out to general toy collectors to literally inform and share with them our addictive Japanese figure hobby. Of course, we’ll also be displaying some of the latest and greatest figures to come out of the shed, but please also do attend our “little talk” (which we’re still discussing on how to go about it) about Japanese collectibles (sched to be posted later). Once again, we’re inviting you to our figure display at Collecticon 2011. We hope to see you all there! :)

Team Onii-chan! At The Best of Anime 2011 Day 2

Another great weekend, another awesome convention to remember by. The Best of Anime 2011 was by no means a convention of the highest caliber, by normal standards, however, the figure display that Team Onii-chan! put together was once again the source of our joy and pride. I guess its a testament to the wonderful company that these guys are that makes every display a fulfilling and worthwhile event. Anyways, I wouldn’t remember The Best of Anime 2011 as an outstanding convention but more for the overwhelming fun factor involved. Here’s some pics from day 2.

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Volunteer Your Figures for The Best of Anime 2011 Figure Display!!!

With our display event at The Best of Anime 2011 less than 2 weeks away, we’re once again inviting everyone who is interested in joining to volunteer their figures for the display. Team Onii-chan! is always looking for more people like us who have the passion and desire to spread the joy of collecting with everyone. If you’re willing to join us in our upcoming display, just comment below listing your name (or alias), e-mail address and the figure you’ll be lending (preferably newly released figures) and we’ll be contacting you shortly :) Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! Will Be At The Best of Anime 2011!!!

We’re very happy to tell you that Team Onii-chan! Figure Display Crew will once again be having a figure display, this time in The Best of Anime 2011 at the SMX Convention Center Function Rooms 4 and 5, SM Mall of Asia on September 17-18. As one of the most active and fastest growing anime toy groups in the Philippines, Team Onii-chan!, continues its goal of spreading the joy of the collecting hobby with the entire otaku community. With this 3rd anime figure display in less than a year, something no other local anime figure community has been able to do, you can expect us to put on another grand lineup that’s sure to inspire, amaze and maybe, even convince you to take part in this totally fun and rewarding hobby. We hope that you can come and see us in this exciting event. :)

Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display Ingress

Team Onii-chan! has just finished its ingress for the Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display, which took place at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. Here’s some shots taken earlier of the preparations being made for tomorrow’s big day.

This is just a teaser of what’s coming up as some of the figures to be displayed have not yet arrived *ahem*. We also have some items for sale which may interest you. We’re inviting all otaku in the Philippines to attend Otaku Expo 2011 and visit our display.

See you tomorrow! :)

FINAL UPDATES: Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display

As we near the week of Otaku Expo 2011, Team Onii-chan! would like to provide everyone, both those participating in our displays and regular con-goers, of the final updates regarding our preparation for the display we’ll be holding. We would like to thank all those who have decided to lend us their figures and support in this upcoming event. We hope all of you can attend and view the awesome lineup we’ve prepared. Now on to the updates and final reminders… Continue reading

Manika Manila Joins the Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display!

With the rising of popularity of ball-jointed dolls worldwide, Team Onii-chan! is proud to announce that Manika Manila, the leading organization for BJDs in the Philippines, will be joining us in the Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display. The greater exposure and growth of BJDs in recent years has led to this awesome tie-up, which we are very excited for. We believe that this joint display will foster better relations with other hobby enthusiasts and make for a better community. Hopefully, this will lead to more collaborations in the future not only with them, but with other fostering and thriving toy organizations as well. Once again, we welcome Manika Manila to the Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display :)

For those who are interested to learn more about or even join Manika Manila, you can visit their LiveJournal blog or their Facebook page.

Volunteer Your Figures For Team Onii-chan’s Next Display!

Hi everyone! Team Onii-chan! Figure Display Crew will be having another display at Otaku Expo 2011 on September 3-4 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. The event will is organized by Otakuzine Management and they’ve asked us to manage the anime toy display for the said event. We’re inviting volunteers to lend their figures and join our small, but growing group of Japanese figure enthusiasts. Continue reading