AlphaMax Reiko, Nendoroid Princess and FREEing Kuga Utao Available for Preorder

AlphaMax surprised everyone after opening pre-orders for 1/6 scale Date Wingfield Reiko from Fault!!


Her price is 9800 yen and scheduled for October 2012 release.

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When the BUNNIES are away: FREEing Ikaros and Astraea Bunny Version


Sora no Otoshimono fans will surely love these FREEing’s latest MASTERPIECES of PVC Category Figures. Ladies and gentlemen, your very own Strategic Battle-Class Angeloid, Type Alpha – Ikaros and Close Combat Angeloid, Type Delta – Astraea, wearing their bunny outfits! Real genius~ Continue reading

Plum Towa Erio Puts All Other Erios to Shame, No Doubt the Best One So Far

Towa Erio from “Dempa Onna to Seishun Otoko” is one of the popular characters that figure companies have recently taken interest in making. A few weeks ago, we featured FREEing’s offering, which for a lack of a better word, looks like a second-rate sale bin destined piece. With so many Erios to choose from yet so little that actually look like her, Plum has put those concerns to rest with their own Erio that from this writer’s point-of-view looks to be the definitive and perfect Erio to get. Continue reading

Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura Arrives to Please His New Oyakata-sama (That Means You)

Sanada Yukimura of the highly stylized and unrealistic wartime anime, “Sengoku BASARA,” will be joining the growing Nendoroid lineup courtesy of Phat! Company. Continue reading

FREEing Erio is Unexplainably Poor, To The Sale Bin She Goes

FREEing is a company that works closely with Good Smile Company, with GSC being their distributor, and therefore their products should be of the same quality, right? Sadly, that does not hold true and this sordid fact is never more true than in FREEing’s Towa Erio of the anime “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.” Continue reading

FREEing Satellizer Damages Both Her Clothes and Your Vacation Plans

Japanese-Korean manga “Freezing” has developed a cult following among otaku worldwide, mostly due to the sexy cast and ultra-violent fights. Naturally, merchandise for the franchise followed and FREEing has been up to task in making figures for it. This “Damage Ver.” is scaled at 1/8 and features the lead, Satellizer L. Bridget, in tattered clothes and a cool pose depicting her in an after-battle scenario. Continue reading

Kirino Pre-Order Madness!!

Pre-orders finally open for my most anticipated figure releases yet, but unfortunately they both opened on the same day which is good for Kirino fanboys/fangirls but bad for people who are low on budget.

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Quick Review: FREEing Nendoroid Airi

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: AiriGenerally, I think Queen’s Blade nendos are not worth it but today, here’s a look on one of the many Queen’s Blade nendos around, and it’s of my personal favorite ghost girl, Airi. Continue reading

WF Summer 2011: Good Smile Company

He’s inviting you to view this…

Of course a WF coverage wouldn’t be complete without the most popular figure company in the world, GSC. To the uninitiated, GSC not only produces figures but also acts as a marketing partner and distributor for other manufacturers such as Max Factory, FREEing, Gift, Penguin Parade and others. As such, this post will cover scale figures (Nendoroids and figmas will be tacked in separate posts) not only from GSC but from those manufacturers as well. Continue reading