RD Nu Gundam in the Works? Oh, Bandai You Tease!


A scan showing a preview of the upcoming Robot Damashii (RD) Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Full Action Ver. reveals that the next high-profile Gundam to grace the RD lineup might be none other than Amuro Ray’s ultimate mobile suit (at least from an anime standpoint), the Nu Gundam. Continue reading

Gundam UC Episode 4 Release Date Announced

Rabid mecha otaku waiting for the next installment of Bandai’s lovingly treated OVA masterpiece, “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” will be thrilled to know that the 4th episode entitled “At the Bottom of the Gravity Well” will be showing in Japanese theaters on November 12, 2011. Continue reading

Another MG Unicorn Gundam Rehash… *sigh*

The latest issue of Gundam Ace magazine reveals Bandai’s penchant for tireless mold reuses, almost as ancient as themselves, with another impending release of the overhyped, overused and soon to be overpriced MG Unicorn Gundam this time in its radioactive puke green Full Armor configuration. Apart from the Godzilla green psycoframe, the kit will also include the highly recognizable missile pods and overkill guns of this Unicorn on steroids. Being a Ver. KA release, expect this kit to also come with a barrage of Katoki decals, which depending on the severity of your masochistic need to dress up your mecha in military stickers, may or may not be up your alley. So far, no release date or price mentioned yet though I’m guessing this one doesn’t go for cheap.

Image taken from Cybergundam.