Hobby Japan x Kotobukiya 1/8 Hinanai Tenshi!

Touhou fans will be delighted as Hobby Japan x Kotobukiya revealed the latest character in their splendid line-up of Touhou figures (except Marisa, lol) who is none other than the spoiled-brat young mistress of Bhavagra, Hinanai TenshiContinue reading

Hobby Japan January 2012 Scans (Max Factory Luka WOOT!!!)

The latest scans from Japan’s highly respected hobby magazine, Hobby Japan, have just come out and as usual, oodles of new figures to look forward to are once again in the spotlight. This issue seems to be much more interesting than the last two were, particularly due to the presence of very recognizable characters most otaku identify with.

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Collecticon 2011 Event Report (No Need For Parental Guidance Here)

Even though we’re looking forward to our next display at AME Monogatari next month, our presence at Collecticon 2011 was no slouch at all means whatsoever. In fact, given the limited space, we still managed to put up a great display with a good mix of old favorites and stunnin new releases. Continue reading

Hobby Japan Noel Vermillion Struts Her Guns to Your Bank


Continuing in the tradition of mishmashing characters into the lineup, Hobby Japan is introducing their new addition to the Queen’s Gate scale figure lineup, Noel Vermillion from the fighting game, “Blazblue.” Continue reading

Alter X HJ Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver. Gets A Snowy White Re-release, Ero Hunters Drool


When Alter’s (in collaboration with Hobby Japan) Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver. was first released a year ago, it caused a string of rioters screaming proclamations of “EVIL!” everywhere, and with good reason. Continue reading

Hobby Japan November 2011 Scans

It’s nearing the end of the month which means that the new Hobby Japan issue is now ready to terrorize collectors into spending more of their blood, sweat and cash to get more of these plastic ladies. Whether you’re a Nendoroid fanatic, a figma fan boy or a scale figure savant, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.
20110922-020609.jpg Continue reading

Vote for Team Onii-chan! Figure of the Month – August

It’s that time of the month again where we vote for the figure that defined the previous month; the figure that absolutely ruled the roost and brought more hysteria and mass excitement to the masses. The following nominees were chosen based on factors such as popularity, build excellence and sheer attractiveness. Team Onii-chan! brings you the top 3 nominees for our Figure of the Month contest for August 2011.

Voting is open for all (yes, that includes you).

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka★Magica)

1/8 Hobby Japan Hakurei Reimu (Touhou Project)

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Cirno (Touhou Project)

Voting will start today, September 6, 2011, and will end at 12 midnight on Wednesday, September 7. We shall crown the “Figure of the Month” on the same day. Let the battle for August 2011’s “Figure of the Month” begin!


This is only a fun contest run by us on a monthly basis to know which figure our readers feel deserve to be posted as “Team Onii-chan’s Figure of the Month” and is by no means, an official statement by us saying this figure is better than others.

Good News and Bad News on Hobby Japan’s 1/8 Queen’s Gate Lili PVC

My first entry here in Team Onii-chan and I bring good news and bad news to Tekken/Lili fans/Queen’s Blade/Queen’s Gate figure collectors like me. Good news is, Hobby Japan would be releasing a figure of Lili. So if you are like me, then this is GLORIOUS! But… Continue reading

Hobby Japan Marisa Needs A Plastic Surgeon, Looks Like An Ogre

Hobby Japan just unveiled the latest colored prototype shots for their 1/8 scale figure of sparkling Western magical witch, Marisa Kirisame, of bitchy deity game franchise, “Touhou Project.” Continue reading

Alter’s Naoe Makes Your Savings Flatter Than Her Chest

Incessantly noisy and supremely annoying pettanko samurai, Kanetsugu Naoe, from ink-splattering breast-fest anime, “Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls,” will finally be getting her much awaited 1/8 scale figure to be made by Alter. Continue reading

Hobby Japan October 2011 Scans

The October 2011 issue of hobby-institution and soothsayer of otaku poverty, Hobby Japan, reveals upcoming figures to watch out for in the coming months and as always a certain Madoka never fails to make what is now a necessary appearance, along with her Newtonian demon kitty, QB.
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Portfolio: Alter X Hobby Japan Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to the most elusive and beautiful things in life. It’s happened with everything I’ve been addicted to. Continue reading