Garage Kits 101: The Tools of the Trade

In my last blog, I’ve discussed a brief introduction of garage kits. This week, I will cover the tools GK modellers like me use to assemble and paint kits. Please excuse the poor/ overused quality of the tools. That just proves how well they serve their purpose in this hobby. These are not arranged in any specific order:

Cutting Board

Not really a totally required tool but very useful, regardless. I use this so I can easily cut masking tapes in strips. It also helps me cut stuff easier and evenly. Continue reading

Garage Kits 101: Introduction to Garage Kits

What comes to mind when you hear the words “garage kit”? For those unfamiliar with the hobby, they might immediately imagine it literally as something that is used in a garage or renovate it. However, for those familiar with figure collecting, these are entirely different albeit interesting pieces they’ll want to include in their collection. In this short article, I’ll be discussing the overview of garage kits and their impact in the world of figure collecting. Continue reading