Kyoto Animation Reveals Azusa Nakano Singing ver

Kyoto Animation recently posted a stop-motion video which features their latest figure to be released: Azusa Nakano Singing ver.


This figure has the height of 10cm which is similar to a regular Nendoroid. She’s priced at 3333 yen and scheduled for November 2012 release.

Bad news for those who want her since she’s Limited + Exclusive and can be bought only through KyoAni website. Either start contacting your proxy or pray that online shops will have her available for preorder. (>.<)

Volunteer Your Figures For The Ozine Fest 2012 Anime Figure Display!!!

Out of all the anime figure displays that we’ve been a part of, Ozine Fest will always be special for us since it was the first event that Team Onii-chan participated in, as well as one of the largest and most diverse ones. Because of this, we always look forward to the month of April since Otakuzine management always holds their flagship 3-day event on this month. With April fast approaching, they’ve finally announced that Ozine Fest 2012 will be held on April 13-15, 2012 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls (how many halls we don’t know, but most likely three). So why are we making this post then? We’re having a figure display there of course! And it’s not just any display. If you think that our Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display was huge, this one promises to be the mother of all displays. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had our last event and in that time, quite a lot of new figures have been released so expect a lot of new entries in our display alongside some old favorites. Because it’s such a big and important event for us, we’ve decided to open slots for the lending of figures one month in advance to help us prepare for it. Continue reading

The (Delayed) Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Event Report

Another event has just passed for Team Onii-chan and yet, unlike the previous ones, the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display will always hold a special distinction for various reasons. Not only was it the largest collection of figures ever gathered for an event but it was also the first time that Team Onii-chan was front and center in terms of participation for a convention. For such a young group to handle a project of such grand scale was indeed a daunting task but if there was ever a crew that was prepared for it, it was ours. From the planning stages to the ingress and to the event proper itself, everyone helped out in bringing this dream to life. Never have we imagined that a figure-centered convention would ever be promoted this way and we’re very lucky to have played a big part in it. Continue reading

Volunteer Your Figures for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Display!!! (Our Biggest, Grandest and Best One Yet!)

In one month, Team Onii-chan! will be having its greatest event ever (I know I said our AME Monogatari one was but this one’s even bigger) and as always, we will be having another display for all attendees to see and appreciate. However, unlike before where the display was segmented by toy line (scale figures, Nendoroids, articulated figures), for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, we will be grouping figures according to popular series. This doesn’t mean that figures whose characters do not fall under the series mentioned below will be left out. In fact, we will be providing a separate area for those figures as well. The rationale behind grouping figures by series is that it helps people who are more familiar with the shows look at the figures since they’re all in a shared space, rather than having them scan the display by toy line. We believe that this set-up would cater best to the general public and not just toy collectors, which is really what the thrust of this convention is; to spread the joy of figure collecting not just to existing collectors, but to everyone.

Here are the different series and the slots for lending. As always, to lend your figure, just comment below this post with your name, contact details and the figure which you’ll be lending. Note that since lending will be on a per series basis, you have to state the toy line that the figure is from (e.g. Nendoroid) Continue reading

Alter Yui Hirasawa Gets Re-released, Get One While You Still Can

Since her release last year, Alter’s Yui Hirasawa has been one of the most popular releases from the exalted scale figure manufacturer and with good reason. Among their K-ON! line, Yui probably looks the best out of the five in terms of overall execution. Mio had an unsatisfactory face, Mugi was too demure, Azusa looked more feline than usual and well Ritsu had an uncomfortable pose. Yui, on the other hand, looks like she came straight out of the anime, exhibiting the same youthful energy she’s known for. I, myself, used to own one of these and I can attest to the quality finish and sculpt that it possesses. Sadly, I sold her because I needed the funds at that time. So why the feature on a year old figure? Well, she’s getting her 2nd re-release and for those who are desperately searching for this Yui for a much more decent price than what scalpers and resellers are offering, now is the time to strike! AmiAmi just listed her as available and in stock now so you might want to take this chance while you still can. After all, it’s rare for a manufacturer to release a figure more than once nowadays, and with this being Yui’s 3rd release already, chances are you won’t be getting a 4th try. Her price tag? A delectable 6800 yen.

Anime Festival Asia 2011 Exclusive Goods Make Me Jelly

November is just around the corner and that means lucky people who so happen to be in Singapore on the 11th to the 13th will finally be able to experience the joy that is Anime Festival Asia 2011 (AFA 2011). Of course, being one of those unlucky ones to be stuck here in the Philippines, I’m jelly as hell, not only because of the special guest appearances (May’n, LiSA, FLOW, etc.) and of course the much anticipated booths of Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya, but also because of the limited edition AFA-only merchandise by notable character goods companies like Cospa and Muse, Continue reading

Max Factory HSP Miku Delights Moe Fags, Looks Eerily Similar to Kirino

It’s been quite a while since Mikatan brought us anything new from Good Smile Company to salivate on, but she’s finally back with something that I personally have been both intrigued by and excited with. Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku: HSP Ver. is based on Hana Soumen-P’s (hence, HSP) videos of the virtual goddess with the distinct character design provided by none other than OreImo’s Kanzaki Hiro. As for the figure itself, the quality of the work done by Max Factory really shines through and dare I say, at their best, no one even comes close to the accuracy and impeccable finish that they can pull off. This is certainly one of those pieces that may not grab headlines at first, but the beauty reveals itself in the meticulous details that decorate the figure. Continue reading

October 2011 Nendoroid Releases! (Update-2)

Unlike the past few months, we only have 4 nendoroids lined-up for this month. These are:

October 17

October 24

No Release Date Yet:

  • Racing Queen Miku: 2011 version
Delayed to November:
Again, we’ll be updating this page as soon as information have been released. Stay tune! :D

K-ON! Movie Trailer Streamed, Church of Moeblob Rejoices

The first full trailer for moeblob orgasm anime, K-ON!, has just been streamed on the movie’s web site, which will surely make 2D worshipping otaku fall down to their knees in extreme adulation. Continue reading

Figure of the Month July 2011: KyoAni Nakano Azusa (Listen Ver.)

In what has been a long overdue post, Team Onii-chan! is happy to present the first ever recipient of our Figure of the Month. The award goes to none other than Kyoto Animation’s beautifully detailed 1/8 scale figure of moe-nyan Nakano Azusa in her “Listen” outfit. Continue reading

Vote for Team Onii-chan! Figure of the Month – July

Team Onii-chan! would like to recognize the most exceptional figures released each month by honoring them with a post of their own. However, instead of just randomly choosing figures to honor for their excellence, we’ve decided to hold a monthly poll to determine our “Figure of the Month.” The choices were nominated by existing Team Onii-chan! members who felt that these were the most worthy contenders.

Voting is open for all (yes, that includes you).

This month of July, the following nominees are… Continue reading

Figure Review: 1/8 Alter Mio Akiyama School Festival ver.

Here’s a quick review on Alter’s 1/8 Mio Akiyama School Festival Version from the anime K-on!

She was released September 2010 at the SRP of 6,800 JPY.

Continue reading

Nendoroid Petit Sawako Yamanaka and Honma Meiko Update

During the last Wonder Fest, we saw 2 nendoroid petits on display. Nendoroid Sawako Yamanaka of K-On! and Honma Meiko of Ano Hana.

Nendoroid Petit Sawako Yamanaka will be bundled with Anime Style Magazine vol 5. She’s scheduled for November 2011 release and priced at 1575 yen.

Nendoroid Petit Honma Meiko will also be bundled with Anime Style Magazine vol 6. She’s scheduled for December 2011 release and same price with Nendoroid Petit Sawako Yamanaka (1575 yen).

Via Nendonesia