BONDAGE YOU SAY?!: 1/7 Orchid Seed Sonico Bondage Ver. Review

Hi everyone, iLikeLolis here reporting for duty again! I know my username is iLikeLolis and you might think “Hey I thought you were into lolis since your username says so!”. Yeah I thought so too, but there are some exceptions. It maybe the pose is good, I know the character and I like her and other factors which you already know. For those who don’t know Sonico, she is the official mascot of Nitroplus.

Now for the review :D

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GSC Sonico Brings the Heat, But Not The Want


If you were to ask me, Sonico would probably be the ecchi equivalent of the twin-tailed virtual diva, Hatsune Miku. Both sport headphones, are musically inclined and insanely popular among their established fan bases. Now, chalk up another similarity to both of them as Good Smile Company is now lending their sculpting prowess to the sultry Sonico, as she joins GSC’s ranks of timeless characters turned into PVC figures. Continue reading

Gift Sonico Gothic Maid Unapologetic For Its Ecchiness


Nitroplus’ sultry mascot, Sonico, has gotten quite the press lately, mostly due to the waves of figure releases of hers’ being announced. Gift continues the assault as they’ve announced a 1/6 figure that’s sure to contend for the ecchi-est Sonico crown. Continue reading

Orchid Seed Bondage Sonico Gets Re-release, Ero Otaku Weep For Joy

Nitroplus’ busty moe idol, Sonico, has gotten quite a lot of figures recently despite her lack of exposure among the masses, owing her popularity more to her attractive character design and musical prowess more than anything. Orchid Seed’s Bondage Ver., in my opinion, is her unquestioned best figure as of the moment (as proven by the ridiculous secondary prices she now commands) and luckily, those who weren’t able to get her the first time around have a second life as the said manufacturer will be releasing her again, this time in a fresh candy pink color. Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! At The Best of Anime 2011 Day 2

Another great weekend, another awesome convention to remember by. The Best of Anime 2011 was by no means a convention of the highest caliber, by normal standards, however, the figure display that Team Onii-chan! put together was once again the source of our joy and pride. I guess its a testament to the wonderful company that these guys are that makes every display a fulfilling and worthwhile event. Anyways, I wouldn’t remember The Best of Anime 2011 as an outstanding convention but more for the overwhelming fun factor involved. Here’s some pics from day 2.

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kettenkrad’s June-July Figure Loot

Normally, I would post my latest hauls as soon as I have my paws on them but my room is currently under renovation so I kinda’ lost interest posting my previous hauls when my personal stuff and other figures are all over the place (with my figure boxes buried in cement powder lol).

Nendoroid BGS is an obligatory haul because I’m planning to complete the BRS Nendoroid series. On the other hand, GSC Saber Alter is an impulse buy because of her crazy low price when a friend of mine dropped her pre-order and paid a huge percentage of the actual price. Orchid Seed Sonico Bondage Ver. is a must-have figure for a Nitro+ fag like me, but I’m hoping my mom doesn’t criticize me for this XD And then there’s GSC Miku which I got cheap despite being mint in box in exchange for dropping my pre-order slot for the re-released version. Finally, Nendoroid Yuki Miku Playtime Edition is another must have mainly because of the Miku tray mold included.

I NEED CHOCO MIKU \(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)/