The OtaKulture Project Starts Now!!!

Ever wanted to be covered in a magazine with your precious collections? For the first time ever, Otakuzine Anime Magazine will be launching the OtaKulture magazine! It’s the first ever magazine of its kind here in the Philippines and it will solely be focused on Japanese collectibles and the otaku who dedicate themselves to getting the best that Japan has to offer. Yes, that means YOU! How to be a part of this exciting new venture? You just have to submit some fairly easy requirements will are detailed below and that’s it.

The purpose of this project is to showcase the love of Filipinos for Japanese culture as expressed by their creative room decorations.


1. Submission of entries is open to all Filipino otaku, either living in the Philippines or outside of it.
2. Participants will be asked to submit pictures of their rooms decorated with their Japanese collectibles. Japanese collectibles can be from, but are not limited to, anime, manga, tokusatsu, Jpop and video games.
3. Entries should be submitted as high-resolution images (300 ppi, do not resize if possible) in digital format along with the sender’s name and age to (insert e-mail address). At least four (4) images should be submitted in different angles to give people a better view of the entire room.
4. Participants are not allowed to pass off entries of other people as their own. Discovery of such acts will merit disqualification of the entry from being included in the compilation.
5. Aside from submitting the images of their rooms, participants will also be required to submit their answers to these questions for the short write-up that will accompany the feature of their room:

  • What is your main collection?
  • Why do you like to collect?
  • How long have you been collecting?
  • What is your future plan for your room?
  • What is the most prized piece in your collection and why?

6. All entries should be sent to Entries can be rejected without notice if they have objectionable content in them.
7. A person may only send in one entry. Should a person send in two entries of different rooms, Otakuzine management has the right to choose which of the two entries will be used for the compilation.
8. Deadline for submission of entries is on (insert date and time).
9. All entries submitted entitles Otakuzine the rights to use them in future publications and other media should they choose to.

OtaKulture will bring the spotlight to another aspect of otaku culture. Being otaku does not mean being simply a cosplayer or anime enthusiast. So be proud and show off that collection of yours’ and wear your badge as a collecting otaku proudly.