Hobby Japan December 2011 Scans (OH GOD, YES SHISHIO!!!)

Another Hobby Japan issue, another round of figures to salivate upon. Scans for the December issue of Japan’s foremost hobby collectors’ magazine don’t quite reach epic levels, but compared to last month’s downright boring announcements, these ones are much more excitable. Continue reading

Queen’s Blade Rebellion TV Anime Confirmed, A Breastfest Encore This Should Be

Notorious breastfest ero franchise “Queen’s Blade” will be getting a third TV anime adaptation, this time based on the “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” storyline which happens 4 years after Leina’s triumph of the previous tournament. This time, the rebelling princess knight, Annelotte, will take over the lead role as she battles against the oppressive reign of the new queen, none other than Leina’s elder sister, the seemingly popular Thunder General, Claudette. So far, no other details, such as the air date and channel, about the anime have been given but regardless, this one should be no less controversial than the first 2 seasons, meaning, expect flying clothes, bouncing jugs and explosions of (un)explainable bodily fluids.