Volunteer Your Vocaloid Figures For The VocaFusion Figure Display!!!

After our gigantic Ozine Fest 2012 figure display, you would think that we’d take a break and rest on our laurels, but with so much opportunities in front of us, we simply can’t sit around and let them pass by. So we’re very very happy to announce that Team Onii-chan Figure Display Crew will be having another figure display next month in VocaFusion at the SMX Convention Center Function Room 1 in Pasay City. The said convention will be on May 20, 2012 from 11 am to 8 pm. With the title being Vocafusion, it’s quite obvious that the event will be centered on the Vocaloid franchise. As such, our figure display will be a purely Vocaloid character display. Continue reading

CM’s Corporation Konoe Subaru, Probably The Most Beautiful Butler of Them All… :)

    After the last episode of the anime Mayo Chiki! Many fans of the series became so lonley. And S4 (Shooting Star Subaru-Sama) members were left crying because they will miss their beloved sempai. But there is a reason for them to at least celebrate. Because Konoe Subaru will have another wonderful figure, this time by CM’s Corporation in 1/7 scale…. :)

   Basically her pose is a very good tribute to the first volume of it’s manga. Complete moe-ness, and in my honest opinion, she is indeed the most beautiful butler…. by far.. :)

   She joined the lineup of Gutto-kuru Figure La Beaute Collections…She also comes with optional parts/extra neko-mimi  and neko-tail, to add more moe and fetishes for all figure fans… :)

     Another big factor to buy this fig, is because of its cast-off ability. She is wearing the usual cute panties and bra, the same undies we saw from one of the episodes in the series (Check Episode Number 4)… :)

    A bonus pantsu shot of the rear view of some kawaii different cat-print designs…..Even the sculpt of her toes are very well detailed… :)

Punyuru Takanashi wants you to click the preorder button. ‘Coz you can have her for a price of 8800Yen and will be released late January 2012.