Volunteer Your Figures For The Ozine Fest 2012 Anime Figure Display!!!

Out of all the anime figure displays that we’ve been a part of, Ozine Fest will always be special for us since it was the first event that Team Onii-chan participated in, as well as one of the largest and most diverse ones. Because of this, we always look forward to the month of April since Otakuzine management always holds their flagship 3-day event on this month. With April fast approaching, they’ve finally announced that Ozine Fest 2012 will be held on April 13-15, 2012 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls (how many halls we don’t know, but most likely three). So why are we making this post then? We’re having a figure display there of course! And it’s not just any display. If you think that our Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display was huge, this one promises to be the mother of all displays. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had our last event and in that time, quite a lot of new figures have been released so expect a lot of new entries in our display alongside some old favorites. Because it’s such a big and important event for us, we’ve decided to open slots for the lending of figures one month in advance to help us prepare for it. Continue reading

Hobby Japan x Kotobukiya 1/8 Hinanai Tenshi!

Touhou fans will be delighted as Hobby Japan x Kotobukiya revealed the latest character in their splendid line-up of Touhou figures (except Marisa, lol) who is none other than the spoiled-brat young mistress of Bhavagra, Hinanai TenshiContinue reading

The (Delayed) Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Event Report

Another event has just passed for Team Onii-chan and yet, unlike the previous ones, the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special display will always hold a special distinction for various reasons. Not only was it the largest collection of figures ever gathered for an event but it was also the first time that Team Onii-chan was front and center in terms of participation for a convention. For such a young group to handle a project of such grand scale was indeed a daunting task but if there was ever a crew that was prepared for it, it was ours. From the planning stages to the ingress and to the event proper itself, everyone helped out in bringing this dream to life. Never have we imagined that a figure-centered convention would ever be promoted this way and we’re very lucky to have played a big part in it. Continue reading

Griffon POP Reimu Hakurei is Extremely Adorable, Lolicon Pride Overflows

Sorry for the lack of posts recently as we’ve been quite busy with the just concluded Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special (which I’ll be doing a post on soon), but we’re now back to give you updates on some of the most eye-catching figures to come out from Japan. Griffon Enterprises has been known much for its steady releases of “Touhou Project” figures and while not all of them are considered to be top-tier quality, there are some like this POP Ver. of main character Reimu Hakurei that grabs notice. Continue reading

Ques Q Yukari’s Gap Will Reach Even the Deepest of Your Wallets

Touhou-centralized figure manufacturer, Ques Q, has yet again managed to take fans by surprise (well, not really) by having this beautiful figure up for pre-orders today. And this time, it’s in the form of the Youkai of Boundaries, who is none other than Yakumo Yukari herself.  Continue reading

Griffon Does Flandre Scarlet a Third Time, Finally Gets Her Perfect

Griffon Enterprises is not shy about re-releasing new sculpts of “Touhou Project” characters they’ve already done in the past and true to this trend is their latest pre-order announcement of a third Flandre Scarlet scale figure, this time incorporating the best features of their previous Flandres into one delectable package. Continue reading

Quick Review: Phat Company Yakumo Yukari

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari

Hey there, Murakami Night here! Felt like forever since I last posted something here :3 And so, today, I bring you another “short” review of one of those scaled figures that I would call a masterpiece. And it’s none other than the Youkai of Boundaries, Yakumo Yukari, who coincidentally happens to be my main in the game Imperishable Night and my very first scaled figure from Touhou Project! XD

The figure also happens to be sculpted by my favorite, YOSHI, who also did my favorite Miku figure above all that I have and also the one who did that Gokokuden Marisa which I’m searching high and low just to get it. Anyway, enough fanboying for me and time to start the review! Continue reading

Volunteer Your Figures for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Display!!! (Our Biggest, Grandest and Best One Yet!)

In one month, Team Onii-chan! will be having its greatest event ever (I know I said our AME Monogatari one was but this one’s even bigger) and as always, we will be having another display for all attendees to see and appreciate. However, unlike before where the display was segmented by toy line (scale figures, Nendoroids, articulated figures), for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, we will be grouping figures according to popular series. This doesn’t mean that figures whose characters do not fall under the series mentioned below will be left out. In fact, we will be providing a separate area for those figures as well. The rationale behind grouping figures by series is that it helps people who are more familiar with the shows look at the figures since they’re all in a shared space, rather than having them scan the display by toy line. We believe that this set-up would cater best to the general public and not just toy collectors, which is really what the thrust of this convention is; to spread the joy of figure collecting not just to existing collectors, but to everyone.

Here are the different series and the slots for lending. As always, to lend your figure, just comment below this post with your name, contact details and the figure which you’ll be lending. Note that since lending will be on a per series basis, you have to state the toy line that the figure is from (e.g. Nendoroid) Continue reading

Hobby Japan January 2012 Scans (Max Factory Luka WOOT!!!)

The latest scans from Japan’s highly respected hobby magazine, Hobby Japan, have just come out and as usual, oodles of new figures to look forward to are once again in the spotlight. This issue seems to be much more interesting than the last two were, particularly due to the presence of very recognizable characters most otaku identify with.

Continue reading

Hobby Japan December 2011 Scans (OH GOD, YES SHISHIO!!!)

Another Hobby Japan issue, another round of figures to salivate upon. Scans for the December issue of Japan’s foremost hobby collectors’ magazine don’t quite reach epic levels, but compared to last month’s downright boring announcements, these ones are much more excitable. Continue reading

Collecticon 2011 Event Report (No Need For Parental Guidance Here)

Even though we’re looking forward to our next display at AME Monogatari next month, our presence at Collecticon 2011 was no slouch at all means whatsoever. In fact, given the limited space, we still managed to put up a great display with a good mix of old favorites and stunnin new releases. Continue reading

Griffon Reiuji Nukes My Optimism, Painfully Disappointing

Nuclear raven deity, Utsuho Reiuji, from vertical shooter game franchise, “Touhou Project” will now be available for pre-orders as Griffon Enterprises has now unveiled her to the once adoring public. Continue reading

ques Q Sakuya Shows Off Her Playful Side, Maid to Delight Her Master(s)

Arguably the top maker of “Touhou Project” figures, ques Q once again imposes its dominance in sculpting the deities from the said series with its latest creation, a 1/8 scale figure of the Scarlet Mansion’s loyal housemaid, Sakuya Izayoi. Continue reading

Vote for Team Onii-chan! Figure of the Month – August

It’s that time of the month again where we vote for the figure that defined the previous month; the figure that absolutely ruled the roost and brought more hysteria and mass excitement to the masses. The following nominees were chosen based on factors such as popularity, build excellence and sheer attractiveness. Team Onii-chan! brings you the top 3 nominees for our Figure of the Month contest for August 2011.

Voting is open for all (yes, that includes you).

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka★Magica)

1/8 Hobby Japan Hakurei Reimu (Touhou Project)

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Cirno (Touhou Project)

Voting will start today, September 6, 2011, and will end at 12 midnight on Wednesday, September 7. We shall crown the “Figure of the Month” on the same day. Let the battle for August 2011’s “Figure of the Month” begin!


This is only a fun contest run by us on a monthly basis to know which figure our readers feel deserve to be posted as “Team Onii-chan’s Figure of the Month” and is by no means, an official statement by us saying this figure is better than others.

Onii-chan’s Diary: Otaku Expo 2011 Day 2

The second day of Otaku Expo 2011 was, in many ways, much like day 1, only much more vibrant and injected with an insane amount of hyper-charged craziness and fun. The first day was great enough, but day 2 was definitely a blast. Some of our dedicated and unmatched crew brought more figures to show off, which made the display even better. If there was one thing that stood out, it was the fact that guarding the display was even more fun than it was tiring. Sure, staying in one place and keeping a laser-eyed focus on the display might drain the body, but with such a great group, you wouldn’t even feel it. Anyways, as with the previous post here’s some more pics I took of the display. Some of our members got their own pics (which are obviously much better than mine) which you’ll be able to view soon at our Facebook fan page so look forward to that. Pics are after the break. Continue reading

Onii-chan’s Diary: Otaku Expo 2011 Day 1

Otaku Expo 2011 Day 1 has ended and what a day it was! The figure display turned out great despite some early concerns over space and lighting. I’m proud of how our crew vigilantly guarded the display area while having fun at the same time. Revoltech Woody, as expected, stole the show with his perverted adventures, leading to a lot of interestingly maniacal shots. I wasn’t able to take a pic of Woody’s unfaithful figure polygamy, but most of our members should be uploading those soon. Besides, I don’t think my extremely limited camera gear (phone cam — not worthy) would do those shots justice. I did get some pics earlier as teasers for the better ones to come from our awesome members. More pics after the break. Continue reading

Nendoroid Generations RPG Charms With Limited *groan* Edition Charms

GSC continues its reign of unstoppable financial terror on poor helpless lambs starved for more Nendoroid goodness as the new PSP game, “Nendoroid Generation,” is confirmed to be getting a limited edition first release pack which will include 8 Nendoroid Plus charms from the following selection of characters: Continue reading

Hobby Japan Marisa Needs A Plastic Surgeon, Looks Like An Ogre

Hobby Japan just unveiled the latest colored prototype shots for their 1/8 scale figure of sparkling Western magical witch, Marisa Kirisame, of bitchy deity game franchise, “Touhou Project.” Continue reading

Pre-orders Are Now Open For Griffon Enterprises 1/8 Hinanai Tenshi!

Thoughtless Not-so-Thoughtless Daughter of the Boring Bhavagra, Hinanai Tenshi, is finally receiving the spotlight from Griffon Enterprises as their latest Touhou Project figure release after they showed her eagerly awaited prototype not more than 3 weeks ago.  Continue reading

August Figure Releases: Good Smile Company 2nd Wave

And the 2nd wave of release and delay announcements is here!

And magically, those I was expecting to get delayed didn’t get delayed, anyway, check out the dates after the jump. Continue reading

SurPara Satori Surpasses Expectations, Super Expensive Too

Pet loving loli Satori Koumeji of Touhou Project fame will be recreated in ginormous 1/6 scale PVC by little known, niche manufacturer Surfer’s Paradise. Continue reading

Vote for Team Onii-chan! Figure of the Month – July

Team Onii-chan! would like to recognize the most exceptional figures released each month by honoring them with a post of their own. However, instead of just randomly choosing figures to honor for their excellence, we’ve decided to hold a monthly poll to determine our “Figure of the Month.” The choices were nominated by existing Team Onii-chan! members who felt that these were the most worthy contenders.

Voting is open for all (yes, that includes you).

This month of July, the following nominees are… Continue reading

Quick Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji

Good Smile Company Nendoroid 148: Yuyuko Saigyouji
And once again bringing a quick review of another ghost girl, here is nendo Yuyuko! Courtesy of GreatToysOnline and, of course, some smooth talking by Onii-chan XD Continue reading

Ichijinsha x Kotobukiya Aya Shameimaru Released!

Due to various stuff which pre-occupied me in days past, I wasn’t able to post about this beauty of a figure. Better late than never! Continue reading