Quick Shot: Seto Kaiba

Kotobukiya ARTFXJ Seto Kaiba

Hi everyone, Murakami Night here, been a while since I’ve posted (and also probably for the blog itself) but yeah, I’m back for a very short entry for today!  Continue reading


MegaHouse Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei and Kotobukiya Yami Yugi Figures Coming Next Year, Childhood Nostalgia Hits Big Time

Freshly brought to you from MegaHobby Expo 2011 in Japan, MegaHouse and Kotobukiya are bringing back the classics with these 3 blockbuster figures (make that 4) coming to you next year. Continue reading

Onii-chan’s Diary: Otaku Expo 2011 Day 2

The second day of Otaku Expo 2011 was, in many ways, much like day 1, only much more vibrant and injected with an insane amount of hyper-charged craziness and fun. The first day was great enough, but day 2 was definitely a blast. Some of our dedicated and unmatched crew brought more figures to show off, which made the display even better. If there was one thing that stood out, it was the fact that guarding the display was even more fun than it was tiring. Sure, staying in one place and keeping a laser-eyed focus on the display might drain the body, but with such a great group, you wouldn’t even feel it. Anyways, as with the previous post here’s some more pics I took of the display. Some of our members got their own pics (which are obviously much better than mine) which you’ll be able to view soon at our Facebook fan page so look forward to that. Pics are after the break. Continue reading

Kotobukiya’s Black Magician Girl Makes You Remember Your Guilty Childhood Pleasures

Usually unspectacular Kotobukiya just announced pre-orders for the re-release of their spectacularly splendid Black (or Dark depending which side of the globe you’re in) Magician Girl from Egyptian card-slapping anime, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Continue reading